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    Thread: Replace stalker with outlands
Post: RE: Replace stalker with outlands

Unless outlands got revamped or something put in place artificially to make the outskirt points be of somewhat more interest then idk bru
Kowalski Suggestions & Bug Reports 24 668 22 Jun 22 at 6:16pm
    Thread: Big Iron's Staff app MK 2
Post: RE: Big Iron's Staff app MK 2

-1 Don't think personally you would fit staff, not to be rude but I don't trust your judgement and this extends to your decision making, if I see a change in behavior in disc and in game I'd reconside...
Kowalski Denied 2 141 14 Jun 22 at 2:31am
    Thread: Nerf RU
Post: RE: Nerf RU

-1 one of the cases of "they have been on a lot recently therefore op" just because they are getting active /=/ op learn to play against RU by staying at range, of course your gonna get shit on close...
Kowalski Suggestions & Bug Reports 28 1,271 22 May 22 at 11:37pm
    Thread: My staff application
Post: RE: My staff application

-1 To be frank I don’t really know you, and your answers and formatting are mediocre at best. A quick suggestion is to edit the font of your answers, specifically remove the fact they are bold which, ...
Kowalski Denied 3 332 11 May 22 at 2:10pm
    Thread: Ramtrum's GM Application
Post: RE: Ramtrum's GM Application

-1 answers are quite mid in all honesty, some seem to be misread or kind of wrong, and frankly still lackluster. Not trying to be too harsh here as I imagine English may not be your first language but...
Kowalski Game Master Applications 6 189 10 May 22 at 2:40am
    Thread: Mine to Keep's ban appeal
Post: RE: Mine to Keep's ban appeal

did u really have to catch the erp warning?
Kowalski Reviewed 13 1,335 26 Apr 22 at 11:17am
    Thread: Bee staff application
Post: RE: Bee staff application

+1 retarded but funny therefore apt for staff. (Really chill guy who knows his boundaries when it comes to the rules, actively engages with the server and he also helps the community a LOT as is.)
Kowalski Accepted 17 833 22 Apr 22 at 1:43pm
    Thread: Suggestion: Reinstate MOTD Rule A17
Post: RE: Suggestion: Reinstate MOTD Rule A17

-1 hard to be funny in this day and age I can’t support such a proposal
Kowalski Suggestions & Bug Reports 13 648 22 Apr 22 at 5:13am
    Thread: Bring back all the maps
Post: RE: Bring back all the maps

No matter what, everyone likes different maps so nothing is so simple as very clearly stated multiple times throughout this post. I think answer to this post plainly is: This won't help anything, and ...
Kowalski General Discussion 88 4,465 29 Mar 22 at 8:55pm
    Thread: Bring back all the maps
Post: RE: Bring back all the maps

+1 Not all maps, some are utter shit, now obviously it's up to the player base as to what could be defined as "good" or "bad". What maps would be classified as good to the players? Outlands for exampl...
Kowalski General Discussion 88 4,465 25 Mar 22 at 10:34pm
    Thread: berd ba n appeal
Post: RE: berd ba n appeal

shut up
Kowalski General Discussion 20 1,251 22 Mar 22 at 9:38pm
    Thread: Hello...part 2
Post: RE: Hello...part 2

HI SIR!!!!! O777
Kowalski Introductions 3 465 20 Mar 22 at 1:37pm
    Thread: Shimi // GravyBoat
Post: RE: Shimi // GravyBoat

gravyboat gets bitches fr
Kowalski Introductions 14 1,437 13 Mar 22 at 11:02pm
    Thread: Skippy - Ban Appeal / Hopeful Return to the Community
Post: RE: Skippy - Ban Appeal / Hopeful Return to the Co...

+1 Even at the time it happened it seemed like a mistake but rules were rules, would love to see you back in the community and see how you have changed.
Kowalski Reviewed 13 1,405 9 Mar 22 at 4:09pm
    Thread: Re add allowing jumping with rocket ,mortar pad and more
Post: RE: Re add allowing jumping with rocket ,mortar pa...

-1 Everything said above, it just isn't needed and is easily lumped into the rest of guns not being able to be fired whilst jumping.
Kowalski Reviewed 23 1,636 6 Mar 22 at 8:19pm
    Thread: Hollow Staff Application
Post: RE: Hollow Staff Application

+1 Active and polite, seems versed in anything required of a staff member.
Kowalski Accepted 16 1,349 3 Mar 22 at 4:56pm
    Thread: Redone VIP classes
Post: RE: Redone VIP classes

-1 These suggestions would be extremely complicated to implement and in all honesty is not required to “fix” the classes in their current state. OSE/Vort do not need ranks whatsoever, it’s been done ...
Kowalski Suggestions & Bug Reports 6 554 26 Feb 22 at 9:36am
    Thread: Ninja perk
Post: RE: Ninja perk

-1 I don’t think because a class benefits more/has a counter to ninja does not mean that it is unbalanced. Flir is it’s main utility for a reason and is the only real good counter to ninja users. Eve...
Kowalski Suggestions & Bug Reports 12 802 23 Feb 22 at 12:16am
    Thread: Allow players on a CO whitelist to have access to AdvDupe2 (For Tryouts)
Post: RE: Allow players on a CO whitelist to have access...

-1 a sincerely bad idea considering SOME of the CO’s. If some of them are willing to get banned for MRDM then I wouldn’t put it past them to fuck with this tool given to them. Plus if you “misclick” ...
Kowalski Suggestions & Bug Reports 7 594 23 Feb 22 at 12:10am
    Thread: Kowalski applying again v2
Post: RE: Kowalski applying again v2

(16 Feb 22 at 11:33pm)Alma Armas Wrote: (-1 he said fuck alma today.) +1 stop fucking leaving, shithead. TRU
Kowalski Accepted 9 782 17 Feb 22 at 12:02am