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    Thread: Big Iron's Staff Application
Post: RE: Big Iron's Staff Application

+1 good soul
Echos Denied 8 707 2 Sep 22 at 9:13pm
    Thread: Cerritulus's Ban Appeal!
Post: RE: Cerritulus's Ban Appeal!

-1, i dont see any deaths caused by the shelling
Echos Reviewed 21 2,469 16 Jul 22 at 5:45pm
    Thread: Hollow Introduction
Post: RE: Hollow Introduction

based hollow
Echos Introductions 2 727 15 May 22 at 10:39pm
    Thread: Etzil's GM App
Post: RE: Etzil's GM App

+1, etzil is cool yeah!!!
Echos Accepted 9 1,210 1 May 22 at 12:40pm
    Thread: Remove resource caches
Post: RE: Remove resource caches

-1 they are pretty good if you collect multiple so most of the time i take them also basically what Sigma said
Echos Reviewed 7 1,041 11 Feb 22 at 7:04pm
    Thread: 'Spawncamping'
Post: RE: 'Spawncamping'

its not aimed towards you (5 Feb 22 at 9:50pm)Magic Man Marley Wrote: How am I being hypocritical? I don't even have a ranger or cross character, I'm against sniping from spawn on BOTH SIDES, I just ...
Echos Reviewed 27 3,189 5 Feb 22 at 9:51pm
    Thread: 'Spawncamping'
Post: RE: 'Spawncamping'

still quite hypocritical since rangers and cross can sit in spawn and have much more player traffic come through
Echos Reviewed 27 3,189 5 Feb 22 at 9:48pm
    Thread: 'Spawncamping'
Post: RE: 'Spawncamping'

we moved, come on the server now lol (5 Feb 22 at 9:40pm)Alma Armas Wrote: (5 Feb 22 at 9:39pm)Echos Wrote: we arent in base or borders nor are we behind the tracks, you can kill us https://cdn.dis...
Echos Reviewed 27 3,189 5 Feb 22 at 9:45pm
    Thread: 'Spawncamping'
Post: RE: 'Spawncamping'

(5 Feb 22 at 9:23pm)Magic Man Marley Wrote: in the image, the sniper is behind spawn borders, behind the tracks but just barely, a CROSS even got yelled at by an admin for shooting back. we arent in...
Echos Reviewed 27 3,189 5 Feb 22 at 9:39pm
    Thread: 'Spawncamping'
Post: RE: 'Spawncamping'

we are not in spawn
Echos Reviewed 27 3,189 5 Feb 22 at 9:20pm
    Thread: Ban appeal / 5252
Post: RE: Ban appeal / 5252

-1 i watched you murder him point blank on ground level so it poses no threat to you, even then, you should not shoot civs without the clearance level sign i came here to laugh at your appeal [as is t...
Echos Reviewed 26 3,703 28 Jan 22 at 11:45pm
    Thread: Explain how to get the token.
Post: RE: Explain how to get the token.

he literally explained how you get them
Echos Reviewed 11 2,146 29 Dec 21 at 4:12pm
    Thread: Echos Ban Appeal (unfortunate event)
Post: RE: Echos Ban Appeal (unfortunate event)

yeah would like to point out I was also in a VC with a few other people when it happened
Echos Reviewed 30 4,831 8 Nov 21 at 10:30pm
    Thread: Echos Ban Appeal (unfortunate event)
Post: Echos Ban Appeal (unfortunate event)

FULL RP Name(s): C2 Technical Director Echos / E10 Engineering Intern Echos / MPF GRID 06 2150  Discord Username: Echos#6595 Steam ID: will get in a second  Who warned/banned you? Bore / Cuzzman  ...
Echos Reviewed 30 4,831 7 Nov 21 at 6:39pm
    Thread: Bertinox's Gamemaster Application :D
Post: RE: Bertinox's Gamemaster Application :D

+1 :D
Echos Accepted 12 2,118 5 Nov 21 at 6:46pm
    Thread: Persistence's Staff Application
Post: RE: Persistence's Staff Application

+1 mint said it
Echos Accepted 16 2,534 4 Nov 21 at 12:18pm
    Thread: Mapely's/athena/Sarah staff Application
Post: RE: Mapely's/athena/Sarah staff Application

+1 pretty cool guy overall, only the hecu question could be reworked a bit, also you don't need a mic to be staff
Echos Accepted 12 2,073 4 Nov 21 at 10:45am
    Thread: Bob's Staff App (Revised) last time ong
Post: RE: Bob's Staff App (Revised) last time ong

+1 Pretty decent guy, is a pretty good CO and did pretty nice as CoD also app is correct and I can see him adjusting certain things
Echos Denied 11 1,927 3 Nov 21 at 6:44pm
    Thread: Should being able to shoot while mid air come back? (Poll)
Post: RE: Should being able to shoot while mid air come ...

it was cheesey cause most of the time, the guy jumping around the corner won and I think it would be a nightmare to fight someone that has floaty ballin at what cost
Echos General Discussion 22 4,526 15 Sep 21 at 8:05pm
    Thread: CvR Was better in the past, change my mind:
Post: RE: CvR Was better in the past, change my mind:

Echos General Discussion 47 8,328 12 Sep 21 at 12:22pm