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    Thread: SHEEZ

ah thehe domnda testre, ICE
Angry Putin Off Topic 4 153 23 Apr 21 at 1:33pm
    Thread: ? Gus's Staff Application
Post: RE: ? Gus's Staff Application

+1 yey Being real tho, Gus is a great guy. I feel that he would be a great staff member and help out with the community in certain situations. Gus is also super duper awesome sauce spaghetti, and I’v...
Angry Putin Denied 10 395 10 Apr 21 at 10:52pm
    Thread: invis classes should make squeaking noises while walknig!!!
Post: RE: invis classes should make squeaking noises whi...

yhea it be like spongebib
Angry Putin Off Topic 11 422 5 Apr 21 at 1:05am
    Thread: wizz
Post: RE: wizz

Angry Putin Off Topic 21 944 24 Mar 21 at 1:30pm
    Thread: A Message To MP Major Scoot....
Post: RE: A Message To MP Major Scoot....

Angry Putin Off Topic 2 318 1 Jan 21 at 12:21am
    Thread: The christmas
Post: The christmas

Angry Putin General 8 485 1 Dec 20 at 11:05am
    Thread: PSA: Appreciation Post. (Cringe warning)
Post: RE: PSA: Appreciation Post. (Cringe warning)

Bro, throughout all these times, u have been one of the coolest STL on CvR. Dog, thank you for all the work you have put into my man and the memories we have made. Swaos
Angry Putin General Discussion 25 1,286 26 Nov 20 at 1:54pm
    Thread: The Addition of the Old RAZOR model for the RU bodygroup options.
Post: RE: The Addition of the Old RAZOR model for the RU...

Neutral As many old buhrs, having the Razor model would be kinda nice and what Ducks said make it CO only, but most likely people would confuse the uniform as a Helix. Might sound a bit buhr, but I me...
Angry Putin Reviewed 41 1,925 24 Nov 20 at 11:05pm
    Thread: Add rebel dog for tech
Post: RE: Add rebel dog for tech

Am gonna run over people with dog, +1. (This actually does seem nice not gonna lie, will balance out the hunter and people may say that the jeep already balances out the hunter, I mean not really caus...
Angry Putin Suggestions & Bug Reports 20 1,267 9 Nov 20 at 2:46pm
    Thread: The Halloween
Post: The Halloween

Oooooooooo scary
Angry Putin General 4 490 31 Oct 20 at 12:21pm
    Thread: Warn Request on Shower and breaking rules as an Admin
Post: RE: Warn Request on Shower and breaking rules as a...

-1 在此剪辑中,斯蒂芬先生似乎首先开始在淋浴中拍摄,然后淋浴又杀死了他。现在,同样的事情,迪诺说,阵雨在自卫中杀死了他,很抱歉,我得到-1。
Angry Putin Reviewed 27 2,551 30 Oct 20 at 1:22am
    Thread: Community Meeting
Post: RE: Community Meeting

Fnaf burger
Angry Putin General 21 1,505 28 Oct 20 at 4:28pm
    Thread: Lemons Staff Application
Post: RE: Lemons Staff Application

Lemon buhr
Angry Putin General 7 564 25 Oct 20 at 12:48pm
    Thread: Loaf's GM Application (GM very cool guy)
Post: RE: Loaf's GM Application (GM very cool guy)

I HATE LOAF SO MUCH I MIGHT AS WELL -1, nah for real +1. Your an over all great guy. The events sound nice, u know a good ton Yey buhr. U deserve GM.
Angry Putin Accepted 24 1,677 9 Oct 20 at 12:50am
    Thread: Kowalski applying again :flushed:
Post: RE: Kowalski applying again :flushed:

+1 buhr u already know this nigga is the best. When he was staff before, he handled everything in a awesome manner, and also what everyone else said.
Angry Putin Accepted 25 1,719 26 Sep 20 at 12:06am
    Thread: Ban Appeal? I guess?
Post: RE: Ban Appeal? I guess?

Farf, post some buhr eviec.
Angry Putin Reviewed 27 2,617 23 Sep 20 at 2:22am
    Thread: Errant's Staff Application
Post: RE: Errant's Staff Application

+1 mad niggas out here getting admin :flushed: u do really deserve it, your a really active Scav CO, and has done so much. U will be a great admin man.
Angry Putin Accepted 16 1,788 21 Aug 20 at 7:12pm

Welfare nigga :fleffbuhr: +1
Angry Putin Accepted 23 2,615 31 Jul 20 at 5:05pm
    Thread: This Real Dino Staff App
Post: RE: This Real Dino Staff App

Yo don’t listen to these -1 niggas, no but for real +1. You were an overall great MP CpT, you have a lot of experience when it comes to handling situations, and if u were to become staff, you would de...
Angry Putin Denied 21 2,298 28 Jul 20 at 5:29pm
    Thread: based
Post: RE: based

Angry Putin General 9 1,219 21 Jul 20 at 10:11pm