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    Thread: Lower the roads or add a lip to their sides
Post: RE: Lower the roads or add a lip to their sides

back in my day we had new guns every 25 levels
PyroShark Reviewed 14 2,359 26 Feb 20 at 7:10pm
    Thread: Adding Damage Indicators
Post: RE: Adding Damage Indicators

1+ why not
PyroShark Reviewed 14 2,683 21 Feb 20 at 8:59am
    Thread: Who the fuck is fel
Post: RE: Who the fuck is fel

PyroShark Off Topic 9 1,476 9 Feb 20 at 4:14pm
    Thread: can i be unbanned
Post: RE: can i be unbanned

did you get a vac ban for being on the same tf2 server as a hacker, how tf do you get banned for association, also nice steam id
PyroShark Reviewed 12 2,842 7 Feb 20 at 3:03pm
    Thread: Attachment suggestions.
Post: RE: Attachment suggestions.

Explosive round's would completely make Enginner's useless, slug's would be way too powerful and would be used constantly, Heavy Gauge is a direct upgrade as it makes the shotgun more accurate as it ...
PyroShark Reviewed 7 1,357 29 Jan 20 at 1:09pm
    Thread: GRID/ENG Arty Rework
Post: RE: GRID/ENG Arty Rework

+1, i'm sick of Artillary's being so predictable because of Admin's teleporting to Enginner's and people seeing in the chat and having time to escape, this would make it so much easier and would allow...
PyroShark Reviewed 9 1,300 26 Jan 20 at 7:09pm
    Thread: A Serious Question
Post: RE: A Serious Question

Think about it, what if a mass rdmer easily gets ballista, uses the LMG to mow down an DB, I know that has happend before and is a relatively large problem, rank restrictions slow down this minge and ...
PyroShark General 15 3,140 25 Jan 20 at 8:32pm
    Thread: Allow the Use of Slider and Axis Tool
Post: Allow the Use of Slider and Axis Tool

FULL RP Name(s): A: E1 Engineer Specialist Pyro Discord Username: A: Posisdiscorder#1443 Steam ID: A: STEAM_0:0:126262800 Workshop Link: (If applicable) A: What is your suggestion? A: Allow the us...
PyroShark Reviewed 5 1,112 23 Jan 20 at 3:55pm
    Thread: Flamethrower damage bug
Post: RE: Flamethrower damage bug

while i kind of understand why it does this, due to the fact that the flamethrower practically insta kill's when used with its real damage, it does bearly any damage on props now and takes 40 seconds ...
PyroShark Reviewed 2 817 20 Jan 20 at 2:03pm
    Thread: Accusations, Threats, Witchhunt, you name it
Post: RE: Accusations, Threats, Witchhunt, you name it

killer bean
PyroShark General Discussion 44 8,205 12 Jan 20 at 10:21am
    Thread: Hello
Post: RE: Hello

bro you made ballista?
PyroShark General 12 2,645 7 Jan 20 at 7:10pm
    Thread: Scientists, a Rebel CWU equivalent.
Post: RE: Scientists, a Rebel CWU equivalent.

Combine are currently heavily one sided on the crafting/research aspect mostly because they have CWU's, CWU's I believe can sell supplies to combine which give a direct advantage and a CWU can own sev...
PyroShark Reviewed 15 3,105 3 Jan 20 at 12:58pm
    Thread: hey cutie
Post: RE: hey cutie

PyroShark Off Topic 11 2,259 23 Dec 19 at 12:13pm
    Thread: Rollermines Tripping Out
Post: RE: Rollermines Tripping Out

i was a witness to this happening and what also happens is that a visible player model is seen above the rollermine that you can shoot and damage, and if you shoot it enough times it kills the roller...
PyroShark Reviewed 3 1,058 16 Dec 19 at 7:06pm
    Thread: charles.redfield???
Post: RE: charles.redfield???

i havent heard that name in seven whole fuckin years, i can't believe hes back, we are all fucked
PyroShark General 1 834 13 Dec 19 at 1:01pm
    Thread: What do i call furries with feathers
Post: RE: What do i call furries with feathers

PyroShark General 8 1,602 10 Dec 19 at 3:19pm
    Thread: ┏━━┓︱ ┏━━━┓ ┏━┓︱┏┓ ┏━━━┓ ┏━┓︱┏┓ ┏━━━┓ ┏━━━┓ ┏━━━┓ ┏━━━┓ ┏━━━┓ ┏━━┓ ┏━━━┓ ┃┏┓┃︱ ┃┏━┓
Post: RE: ┏━━┓︱ ┏━━━┓ ┏━┓︱┏┓ ┏━━━┓ ┏━┓︱┏┓ ┏━━━┓ ┏━━━┓ ...

banana doppio
PyroShark General 4 928 6 Dec 19 at 12:51pm
    Thread: Bring back Anarchist Knife
Post: RE: Bring back Anarchist Knife

Let me see what you have. A Knife! +1
PyroShark Reviewed 21 4,624 1 Dec 19 at 6:46am
    Thread: The difference between Combine and Rebels as a faction.
Post: RE: The difference between Combine and Rebels as a...

thats really poetic and cool dude bro bro cool bro bro
PyroShark General Discussion 2 1,140 29 Nov 19 at 2:04pm
    Thread: Why Can't I find the server?
Post: RE: Why Can't I find the server?

try connecting using the IP manually ask for it in the discord because idk it, if that don't work then you might be IP banned for one reason or another.
PyroShark General Discussion 4 1,433 18 Nov 19 at 1:25pm