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    Thread: Allow the Use of Slider and Axis Tool
Post: Allow the Use of Slider and Axis Tool

FULL RP Name(s): A: E1 Engineer Specialist Pyro Discord Username: A: Posisdiscorder#1443 Steam ID: A: STEAM_0:0:126262800 Workshop Link: (If applicable) A: What is your suggestion? A: Allow the us...
PyroShark Reviewed 5 1,112 23 Jan 20 at 3:55pm
    Thread: chicken
Post: chicken

challenge for all human beings, what is the best picture of a chicken nugget you can find rules: must be cook rules: dont put actaul chikcen you fucking mong rules: actauully make it look tasty
PyroShark General 3 1,444 13 May 19 at 11:36am
    Thread: Hacking Rollie's
Post: Hacking Rollie's

FULL RP Name(s): A: E7 Survey Engineer Pyro / RU Chief Pyro Discord Username: A: Posisdiscorder#1443 Steam ID: A: STEAM_0:0:126262800 Workshop Link: (If applicable) A: What is your suggestion? A: ...
PyroShark Reviewed 9 2,212 27 May 19 at 10:41am
    Thread: official Pyroshark of the forum is here now innit
Post: official Pyroshark of the forum is here now innit

whos cooler Pyroshark Pyroshark
PyroShark Introductions 2 1,325 30 Apr 19 at 4:57pm
    Thread: Pyro's Gamemaster Application
Post: Pyro's Gamemaster Application

Full In game Name(s) C4 Head Engineer Pyro SteamID & Discord Name/Tag STEAM_0:0:126262800 || Posisdiscorder#1443 What Region are you located in? What's your timezone? GMT+1 Previous P...
PyroShark Accepted 7 1,087 16 Jul 20 at 5:27pm
    Thread: A Serious Question
Post: RE: A Serious Question

Think about it, what if a mass rdmer easily gets ballista, uses the LMG to mow down an DB, I know that has happend before and is a relatively large problem, rank restrictions slow down this minge and ...
PyroShark General 15 3,140 25 Jan 20 at 8:32pm
    Thread: A suggestion - GredWich's Artillery / Emplacements and Mortars
Post: RE: A suggestion - GredWich's Artillery / Emplacem...

+1 i aint a engi but this is epic right here ,especially the implacements
PyroShark Reviewed 7 1,806 2 May 19 at 4:47pm
    Thread: Accusations, Threats, Witchhunt, you name it
Post: RE: Accusations, Threats, Witchhunt, you name it

killer bean
PyroShark General Discussion 44 8,205 12 Jan 20 at 10:21am
    Thread: Adding Damage Indicators
Post: RE: Adding Damage Indicators

1+ why not
PyroShark Reviewed 14 2,683 21 Feb 20 at 8:59am
    Thread: Another funny game master application
Post: RE: Another funny game master application

+1 Questionable Formatting but most questions have been answered to an acceptable level, along with that the Event's are relatively original, especially the Advisor one, Advisors are a relatively unto...
PyroShark Accepted 8 1,094 17 Aug 20 at 6:58am
    Thread: AR2 "Attachments"
Post: RE: AR2 "Attachments"

-1 The AR2 is perfectly fine how it is, along with this, the kills required for each boost is way too fucking low let alone they don't have any downsides such as extra recoil like Magnum Rounds
PyroShark Reviewed 46 7,672 23 Sep 19 at 11:25am
    Thread: Attachment suggestions.
Post: RE: Attachment suggestions.

Explosive round's would completely make Enginner's useless, slug's would be way too powerful and would be used constantly, Heavy Gauge is a direct upgrade as it makes the shotgun more accurate as it ...
PyroShark Reviewed 7 1,357 29 Jan 20 at 1:09pm
    Thread: Black Mesa Alarms
Post: RE: Black Mesa Alarms

-1 This seems really unnecessary and would only create lag and would get annoying after a few minutes.
PyroShark Reviewed 4 1,484 2 Jun 19 at 3:53am
    Thread: Boo's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Boo's Ban Appeal

ye nvm about that minge commentt, man you hack again that is so shitty of you to do boo but =1
PyroShark Reviewed 4 1,750 4 Jun 19 at 10:55am
    Thread: Bring back Anarchist Knife
Post: RE: Bring back Anarchist Knife

Let me see what you have. A Knife! +1
PyroShark Reviewed 21 4,624 1 Dec 19 at 6:46am
    Thread: can i be unbanned
Post: RE: can i be unbanned

did you get a vac ban for being on the same tf2 server as a hacker, how tf do you get banned for association, also nice steam id
PyroShark Reviewed 12 2,842 7 Feb 20 at 3:03pm
    Thread: charles.redfield???
Post: RE: charles.redfield???

i havent heard that name in seven whole fuckin years, i can't believe hes back, we are all fucked
PyroShark General 1 834 13 Dec 19 at 1:01pm
    Thread: DeerDust's Gamemaster Application poggers bro POGGEERSH ASDFHGSDADF
Post: RE: DeerDust's Gamemaster Application poggers bro ...

Interesting Event Concepts along with Good Answers. I do recommend adding some Zombies alongside the Headcrab Canisters though as the Headcrabs can't actually infect anyone themselves. +1.
PyroShark Accepted 9 1,220 17 Aug 20 at 7:28am
    Thread: Desert Map Suggestion
Post: RE: Desert Map Suggestion

please check the fucking date this post was made before you make a response holy shit
PyroShark Reviewed 22 4,437 9 Nov 19 at 3:18pm
    Thread: Don't limit the new shops just to civilians
Post: RE: Don't limit the new shops just to civilians

Can't you just have the Anarchist do 1/2/3 warn's to get the civilians to go away? to avoid mass rdm?
PyroShark Reviewed 16 2,483 21 Mar 20 at 12:09pm