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    Thread: Bee staff application
Post: RE: Bee staff application

+1 active cool guy cool cat Ben?
[GL]BadAimSam Accepted 17 732 22 Apr 22 at 12:48pm
    Thread: Etzil's Staff Application
Post: RE: Etzil's Staff Application

+1 Good app good guy
[GL]BadAimSam Accepted 13 1,679 9 Dec 21 at 2:02pm
    Thread: Thoughts on Point Decay?
Post: RE: Thoughts on Point Decay?

I think it's been making troops a lot more bunched together and organized, so I like it.
[GL]BadAimSam General 3 597 5 Dec 21 at 10:54pm
    Thread: BadAim's GM app
Post: BadAim's GM app

Gamemaster Application List all RP Character names Major General BadAim CWU R&M-C T-3 BadAim SteamID & Discord Name/Tag BadAim#0972 STEAM_0:0:81238702 Region/Timezone CST List all (...
[GL]BadAimSam Accepted 4 516 30 Nov 21 at 8:44pm
    Thread: MY ban.
Post: RE: MY ban.

If you're talking about the ban showing up as "added to the ban list" from your perspective, I can assure you that your ban is until January the 3rd. It even shows up in the ULX menu as you being bann...
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 13 1,606 28 Nov 21 at 11:50am
    Thread: MY ban.
Post: RE: MY ban.

Hey staff member who banned you here: You were banned until January 3rd by me (on the behalf of Persistence, a lower ranking staff member currently on LOA for being grounded), for MRDM and LTAP. LTAP ...
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 13 1,606 27 Nov 21 at 9:04pm
    Thread: Ritz ban appeal
Post: RE: Ritz ban appeal

+1 ritz does have a job and I don't seem him as the type to pull a rotary
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 5 855 11 Nov 21 at 8:30pm
    Thread: Abradolf Lincler Ban App
Post: RE: Abradolf Lincler Ban App

-1 should’ve gotten a worse gaming chair
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 21 2,382 24 Oct 21 at 2:56pm
    Thread: Bring Back Outlands, a much better map than Pripyat.
Post: RE: Bring Back Outlands, a much better map than Pr...

-1 hate outlands
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 19 2,138 24 Oct 21 at 1:48am
    Thread: Graycat's Staff App
Post: RE: Graycat's Staff App

+1 yes good app yes good ? ?
[GL]BadAimSam Accepted 15 2,242 29 Aug 21 at 1:46pm
    Thread: Ratacas 2nd Application
Post: RE: Ratacas 2nd Application

-1 u gotta work on ur image first man, cause RN it’s not good
[GL]BadAimSam Denied 24 937 17 Aug 21 at 11:42pm
    Thread: FUCK YOU JOE (FUCK)

yeah yeah #fs
[GL]BadAimSam General Discussion 16 2,267 23 May 21 at 12:13am
    Thread: Rebel Ricky ban appeal
Post: RE: Rebel Ricky ban appeal

+1 Thank you for pinging staff with shit pics
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 7 1,490 5 May 21 at 9:03pm
    Thread: Mapacharium Gil's Staff App
Post: RE: Mapacharium Gil's Staff App

+1 Good application, and I see you in game a lot. Good luck!
[GL]BadAimSam Accepted 9 1,742 29 Mar 21 at 11:05pm
    Thread: BadAim staff app (I hate Joe)
Post: BadAim staff app (I hate Joe)

FULL RP Name(s): FoxHound Colonel BadAim, HVY PVT notbadaim, MPF MACE 05 5001 What is your current IG level? 57, Discord Username:BadAim#0972 Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:81238702 What region/timezon...
[GL]BadAimSam Accepted 13 2,530 26 Mar 21 at 11:16pm
    Thread: #freesteffanhedidnothingwrong
Post: RE: #freesteffanhedidnothingwrong

Dude was a dumbass but unless there was some underlying issue this shouldn't be a permaban
[GL]BadAimSam Off Topic 92 11,834 2 Feb 21 at 12:04pm
    Thread: Add female MPF models
Post: RE: Add female MPF models

+1 The addon is 1 MB large and it adds actual model options for Combine
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 41 7,253 1 Dec 20 at 10:07pm
    Thread: Ragnarok's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Ragnarok's Ban Appeal

-1 Shouldn't have had a grenade out around 21 people
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 27 4,812 25 Nov 20 at 8:11pm
    Thread: IP Ban appeal ;D
Post: RE: IP Ban appeal ;D

-1 I've seen people who have been permabanned/blacklisted from communities do this and I just gotta say don't. You aren't gonna be anywhere near getting your appeal accepted for a long ass time, and i...
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 47 6,875 21 Nov 20 at 8:23pm
    Thread: Funny Kilo model change suggestion
Post: RE: Funny Kilo model change suggestion

-1 Current KILO model is iffy, but this ain't the model I'd want it replaced with.
[GL]BadAimSam Reviewed 9 1,588 21 Nov 20 at 8:20pm