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    Thread: Mannerheim's wonderful GM App
Post: RE: Mannerheim's wonderful GM App

Very experienced player, good understanding of GM, some answers are shorter but still decent. +1
RussTime Game Master Applications 7 233 25 Jun 22 at 8:30pm
    Thread: Nerf RU
Post: RE: Nerf RU

RU has not been OP in a long time. RU is perfect at where it is. -1
RussTime Suggestions & Bug Reports 28 1,270 22 May 22 at 9:47pm
    Thread: Clear chat
Post: RE: Clear chat

Aithead pretty much said everything. The reason why those are there is to make it so people can use those links or commands to help with their gameplay or just help with their general questions. I can...
RussTime Suggestions & Bug Reports 8 518 20 May 22 at 8:42pm
    Thread: Nine's Gm Application { please enjoy :) }
Post: RE: Nine's Gm Application { please enjoy :) }

I have to agree with Big Iron in this one. The grammar errors are plentiful and the coloring on this is just bad. If your gonna color a text, please just make the whole text one color for a section an...
RussTime Denied 4 406 20 May 22 at 8:36pm
    Thread: Ramtrum's Edited GM Application
Post: RE: Ramtrum's Edited GM Application

Honestly this looks like it was just made on the day you posted this. There is not any detail to anything mostly but its at least right answers. Neutral
RussTime Accepted 4 234 20 May 22 at 8:32pm
    Thread: DeerDust's Gamemaster Application, 2022
Post: RE: DeerDust's Gamemaster Application, 2022

Good application, events 1 and 3 are really nice but number 2 is pretty basic. Your 3rd event seems like a good idea for a shop (however doing shops doesn't count as an event for GMs) and your first e...
RussTime Accepted 9 522 20 May 22 at 7:27pm
    Thread: Arti's Gamemaster Application As of 3/20/22
Post: RE: Arti's Gamemaster Application As of 3/20/22

Good event ideas, very detailed application, active player (from what I've seen), basic knowledge of GMs. +1
RussTime Accepted 7 541 21 Mar 22 at 1:26am
    Thread: Were all those hours on playing video games worth it?
Post: RE: Were all those hours on playing video games wo...

Spent, after playing video games for about 11 years now it has def been worth my time
RussTime General Discussion 1 197 21 Mar 22 at 1:09am
    Thread: Change the Knight synergy effect
Post: RE: Change the Knight synergy effect

The idea is there but increasing the range prob wont work too well (guns go pew) but I think maybe making it better defense against melee will be better kinda like "iron armor" that knights actually w...
RussTime Suggestions & Bug Reports 3 410 15 Mar 22 at 10:24pm
    Thread: Bagels GM App
Post: RE: Bagels GM App

I've talked to Bagel a few times and every time has been a good conversation. I also like your second event idea and the first event which sounds similar to an event a while back that we had on outlan...
RussTime Accepted 3 453 15 Mar 22 at 6:01pm
    Thread: Bob Good's GM Application
Post: RE: Bob Good's GM Application

I see Bob on quite a bit especially on CWU, seems like a nice person, and your third event idea would be fun to play or just to even watch. +1
RussTime Denied 2 454 15 Mar 22 at 5:57pm
    Thread: Ballistics GM Application
Post: RE: Ballistics GM Application

+1, active, nice event ideas, also been in the community for a bit and has no warns/ bans
RussTime Accepted 7 556 15 Mar 22 at 5:55pm
    Thread: Kowalski GM Application.
Post: RE: Kowalski GM Application.

+1, good event ideas and even though I haven't seen you before (probably because of different time zones) you seem like a good player and also this app is really good too. I do wonder how you got so m...
RussTime Accepted 6 554 2 Feb 22 at 9:36pm
    Thread: Octo's Staff Application
Post: RE: Octo's Staff Application

+1, good person to talk to, well known player and would be a good staff, also a good application.
RussTime Denied 17 3,147 2 Feb 22 at 9:34pm
    Thread: RussTime GM/ Game Master Application
Post: RE: RussTime GM/ Game Master Application

Update on this, I am back in MP and I am a WO and I am a CROSS TR 08.
RussTime Accepted 5 701 17 Jan 22 at 7:01pm
    Thread: RussTime GM/ Game Master Application
Post: RussTime GM/ Game Master Application

List all RP Character names: NPU JURY 09 O385 MPF UNION 09 O385 C.H.A.O.S INSURGENT/ MP SGM RussTime (as of now its RU SGM RussTime to help out RU) HECU FH PFC RussTime SteamID & Discord Name/...
RussTime Accepted 5 701 18 Dec 21 at 2:58am