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    Thread: Alma staff app part 8: The return of abuse
Post: RE: Alma staff app part 8: The return of abuse

+1 Told the guy on the last page to kill himself 2 weeks ago in front of Andie and another AIU!
Magnum Denied 13 683 15 Feb 24 at 9:16pm
    Thread: Lore
Post: RE: Lore

Magnum Reviewed 3 240 18 Jan 24 at 10:28pm
    Thread: Staff report on Berd
Post: RE: Staff report on Berd

+1 Cut berd up like deli slices im so hungry
Magnum General 11 787 12 Jan 24 at 7:45pm
    Thread: I’ve had enough, and I’m putting my foot down
Post: RE: I’ve had enough, and I’m putting my foot down

[Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5...546f333a6&] [Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5...576d18981&]
Magnum General 7 711 5 Nov 23 at 11:25pm
    Thread: EOW Nerf
Post: RE: EOW Nerf

As it stands in my opinion, EOWR does not need a nerf. It needs transparency and leadership with the proper ethics to run such a division. EOWR is not a standard class, yet it is treated like one and ...
Magnum Suggestions & Bug Reports 22 2,484 2 Jul 23 at 9:57pm
    Thread: Ham's GM application
Post: RE: Ham's GM application

+1 eat ham
Magnum Accepted 9 731 20 Jun 23 at 8:45pm
    Thread: Sammy's Staff App #3
Post: RE: Sammy's Staff App #3

3. MRDM, 12 weeks: The 2022 Superbowl incident. Yeah this is good stuff +1
Magnum Accepted 7 628 16 Jun 23 at 8:15am
    Thread: Reb Turrets shoot CWU now
Post: RE: Reb Turrets shoot CWU now

These turrets are truly doing god's work
Magnum Reviewed 22 1,733 27 May 23 at 11:18am
    Thread: Ghoul appeal 4 (epic version)
Post: RE: Ghoul appeal 4 (epic version)

The saga continues.
Magnum Reviewed 19 2,865 10 May 23 at 8:07pm
    Thread: BadAim's TGM App
Post: RE: BadAim's TGM App

This badaim guy? Yeah he needs to die give him death.
Magnum Denied 20 1,993 7 May 23 at 9:08pm
    Thread: How is this MRDM?
Post: RE: How is this MRDM?

lol alma banned
Magnum General Discussion 10 1,572 30 Mar 23 at 4:55pm
    Thread: One Sentence Story Game.
Post: RE: One Sentence Story Game.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
Magnum Off Topic 20 1,960 18 Mar 23 at 10:27pm
    Thread: Cryptobros in the subreddit
Post: RE: Cryptobros in the subreddit

It's a bot.
Magnum General 6 800 10 Mar 23 at 4:44pm
    Thread: Shooting while falling isn't exploitable anymore.
Post: RE: Shooting while falling isn't exploitable anymo...

-1 The reason it was removed was to stop players from being able to bug out their hitbox midair and become nigh impossible to hit in even higher TTKs, which made sitting behind corners and crouchjumpi...
Magnum Suggestions & Bug Reports 15 1,110 25 Feb 23 at 9:56am
    Thread: How do you feel about jury/MP activities?
Post: RE: How do you feel about jury/MP activities?

I like activities because it gives me an excuse to break building rules because chucking players at brick walls or into the ocean with a catapult is funny and good
Magnum General Discussion 45 3,682 22 Feb 23 at 7:44pm
    Thread: What do you guys think about Artificial Intelligence?
Post: RE: What do you guys think about Artificial Intell...

The most recent piece of technology I own is a printer, and I keep a gun next to it in case it makes a noise I don't recognize. Once computers learn to fix themselves, I am out of a job and then it's ...
Magnum Off Topic 9 1,145 28 Jan 23 at 10:06am
    Thread: Skinwalker / Obelisk's GM Application
Post: RE: Skinwalker / Obelisk's GM Application

It's a well formatted application, and I like the event ideas, despite them being a bit simple. One issue is that you should never have to kowtow to players actively disrupting events. Please do not p...
Magnum Accepted 7 762 6 Jan 23 at 11:07am
    Thread: Ohio Q&A
Post: RE: Ohio Q&A

Is it true if you go into the corn you either never come out, or come out infected with the hate plague?
Magnum Off Topic 28 2,190 28 Dec 22 at 6:48pm
    Thread: Comically Large Cheese Trap
Post: RE: Comically Large Cheese Trap

(Posting for funny Quex man because he's not home, but SOMEHOW could still type out this behemoth.) Quex — Today at 5:50 PM “The cheese trap was the third offense that made me give the warning as I h...
Magnum Reviewed 5 751 25 Dec 22 at 7:54pm
    Thread: Buff the Tavor
Post: RE: Buff the Tavor

-1 I don't like ghost either but I don't want to buff the tavor so uhhh...[Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/9...nknown.png]
Magnum Reviewed 10 946 22 Dec 22 at 6:09am
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