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    Thread: Goofy Ahh Anarchist suggestion.
Post: RE: Goofy Ahh Anarchist suggestion.

-1. Current state of anarchists is pretty okay(could've been better if we still had our welrod tho) Anarchists gameplay comes from it's name, you are just a terrorist, you owe nothing to both of the s...
аaa Suggestions & Bug Reports 4 319 27 Oct 22 at 7:32am
    Thread: Bagels Ban appeal
Post: RE: Bagels Ban appeal

Okay, guys, uh... This situation is awkward, yesterday's cwu casino was nuked like hundred times intentionally and no one has been banned smh, why is this guy banned for this long even if it's not an ...
аaa Reviewed 13 1,284 23 Oct 22 at 6:31am
    Thread: hvy/ballista utils
Post: RE: hvy/ballista utils

Btw, why are we using missile launcher instead of basic rpg?
аaa Suggestions & Bug Reports 9 444 21 Oct 22 at 12:25pm
    Thread: hvy/ballista utils
Post: RE: hvy/ballista utils

Is there really no way to fix the 999999 dmg bug?
аaa Suggestions & Bug Reports 9 444 20 Oct 22 at 2:53pm
    Thread: hvy/ballista utils
Post: hvy/ballista utils

FULL RP Name(s): A:hvy lcpl lattice, rf p-j pfc jazz, mso cross 06 53215, npu jury 04 3536 Discord Username: A: soja#3942 Steam ID: A:STEAM_0:1:19124781 Workshop Link: (If applicable) A: - What is ...
аaa Suggestions & Bug Reports 9 444 20 Oct 22 at 11:32am
    Thread: Revision or Removal of Flaming Chariot's Invulnerability
Post: RE: Revision or Removal of Flaming Chariot's Invul...

(4 Oct 22 at 2:57pm)PersikkaPete Wrote: Btw explosives are really common and it doesnt require much to kill flaming chariot usersbtw it's only common for rebels
аaa Suggestions & Bug Reports 20 1,196 4 Oct 22 at 11:20pm

The funny part about snipers in OUTLANDS is that they are not that op anymore. Literally anyone can kill them now from a 4747748483m distance
аaa Suggestions & Bug Reports 25 1,376 7 Sep 22 at 12:24pm
    Thread: Nerf and buff ideas (Mainly nerf ideas)
Post: RE: Nerf and buff ideas (Mainly nerf ideas)

Idk why hvys got mortar , glauncher was pretty good and balanced as a secondary combat explosive weapon. tbh it looks like sentinel is trying to nerf snipers for year or more dmg falloff reworked - no...
аaa Reviewed 14 1,256 19 Aug 22 at 9:21pm
    Thread: krusty krab needs a spongebob buff
Post: krusty krab needs a spongebob buff

FULL RP Name(s): MSO CROSS TR 08 53215 OTA RANGER 04 3536 RU TR jzza SNP SPC jazz Discord Username: soja#3942 Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:19124781 Workshop Link: no What is your suggestion? A: RPM of ASh-12 ...
аaa Reviewed 3 331 13 Aug 22 at 1:36pm
    Thread: Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Ban Appeal

(9 Aug 22 at 10:45am)KubiQ Wrote: What kind of evidence are you waiting for? If recordings of several hours are not evidence, is it worth considering this appeal at all? Last time I showed the histo...
аaa Reviewed 23 4,532 9 Aug 22 at 12:07pm
    Thread: Immediately revert or greatly decrease TTK update
Post: RE: Immediately revert or greatly decrease TTK upd...

idk,in the past there were many different metas, but still, its been ok to play non-one-shot-classes. now its brings nothing but pain. its not fun to die in 0.1 sec, but sniper meta kills you even fa...
аaa Reviewed 100 6,213 4 Aug 22 at 4:22pm
    Thread: Mannerheim's wonderful GM App
Post: RE: Mannerheim's wonderful GM App

Oh god,nothing brings me more fear than a drunk fin with a GM priv jokes aside,pretty good person definitely +1
аaa Accepted 8 965 27 Jun 22 at 1:25pm
    Thread: Bring back old shields?
Post: RE: Bring back old shields?

+1 Idk why did sentiel added those shields, when you look at them first time you think "uhhhhhhhh,its fine ig", but then someone starting actually using them. Its a kinda unbalanced nightmare, its dmg...
аaa Reviewed 14 1,723 30 Dec 21 at 5:24am
    Thread: Bring Back Outlands, a much better map than Pripyat.
Post: RE: Bring Back Outlands, a much better map than Pr...

(24 Oct 21 at 10:27am)Bel1ve. Wrote: -1 I think the comments of others have described perfectly why it has been removed. To add some additional I haven't seen. 1. The tireless walk to the center j...
аaa Reviewed 19 3,240 25 Oct 21 at 2:54pm
    Thread: Abradolf Lincler Ban App
Post: RE: Abradolf Lincler Ban App

sigma male tip #1. use headphones sigma male tip#2. tickrate is shit. you can prefire just in air, but itll count as player hit now seriously, i dont... understand.. how can you +1/-1 without any e...
аaa Reviewed 21 3,365 25 Oct 21 at 2:43pm
    Thread: Kowalski's ban appeal?
Post: RE: Kowalski's ban appeal?

kowalski did nofin wrong freedow for kowalski
аaa Reviewed 7 1,809 23 Oct 21 at 10:12pm
    Thread: Perk idea dump (random ideas)
Post: RE: Perk idea dump (random ideas)

аaa Reviewed 6 1,079 22 Oct 21 at 10:54am
    Thread: berd
Post: RE: berd

+1 pretty positive guy, never seen him being in trouble with someone
аaa Denied 11 2,304 20 Oct 21 at 11:08am
    Thread: ban appeal
Post: RE: ban appeal

ik that rules section exist, and we all need to listen to it but its not a case here. This guy has been banned for a simple joke without offending someone, harming community or server itself, so idk....
аaa Reviewed 4 1,005 20 Oct 21 at 11:05am
    Thread: outlands my beloved
Post: outlands my beloved

Uh, since outlands was replaced with pripyat, i want to actually know what do you guys think about those two maps and which one is YOUR beloved one
аaa General Discussion 10 1,736 13 Oct 21 at 9:17am