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    Thread: Plume's Disgusting Horrendous and Utterly Revolting GM Application
Post: RE: Plume's Disgusting Horrendous and Utterly Revo...

Neutral leaning more to +1, could use a little more detail near the start and a quick grammar check but otherwise everything else is good. I like the event ideas! Good luck! Yay you edited good job...
Mapley Accepted 11 1,521 21 May 21 at 5:47pm
    Thread: ICEPACK'S Staff Application
Post: RE: ICEPACK'S Staff Application

+1, Icepack is funny and a great guy. Will do great as a staff member and the application looks pretty good.
Mapley Accepted 24 3,188 21 May 21 at 5:40pm
    Thread: ooga stafaf ap
Post: RE: ooga stafaf ap

+1 Not being bias cause he is my enlisted or my friend but I know him damn well. First off his personality is great he is funny and a nice guy to hang around with. He has been on the server for quite ...
Mapley Accepted 31 4,235 30 Apr 21 at 8:32pm
    Thread: Echo’s Staff App V2
Post: RE: Echo’s Staff App V2

+1 don't leave again pls pls pls. Good guy app is ok in my eyes and he is active and has past experience so why not a 2nd chance?
Mapley Accepted 15 5,621 1 Apr 21 at 12:07am
    Thread: Dopplah GM application (yes it's happening.)
Post: RE: Dopplah GM application (yes it's happening.)

+1, I love the events, currently I'm busy so I ain't writing much but you have potential. Good luck :D
Mapley Accepted 8 1,613 28 Mar 21 at 2:05pm
    Thread: application
Post: RE: application

Neutral. So far it's ok I think most answers are correct but I feel like the grammar and detail can be touched on. Otherwise I think this is ok, just needs some tweaks.
Mapley Denied 11 1,782 26 Mar 21 at 11:16pm
    Thread: femboys are vanished
Post: RE: femboys are vanished

they did a magic trick i cant see tjem anymore
Mapley General Discussion 3 728 21 Mar 21 at 10:19pm
    Thread: Gunny’s Staff Application
Post: RE: Gunny’s Staff Application

+1 I haven't talked much with you but I have seen you in game and in chat and you're a pretty good guy. Application could use more detail.
Mapley Accepted 11 3,954 19 Mar 21 at 10:42pm
    Thread: Frost/Cheesey's Staff App
Post: RE: Frost/Cheesey's Staff App

+1 I think you could do good, most answers are correct and I have seen you here and there in game. Never really had a conversation with you but based on what everyone else is saying I bet you could be...
Mapley Accepted 17 2,090 19 Mar 21 at 10:40pm
    Thread: Golden Barry Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Golden Barry Ban Appeal

Hello my name is Mapley, I'm the guy who had banned you for 3 days as I put it. I banned you for 3 days since you were capped by an MP and left right after. So the MP made a sit and I saw you come bac...
Mapley Reviewed 11 2,034 6 Mar 21 at 9:46pm
    Thread: Climbswep Launching / Bhopping
Post: RE: Climbswep Launching / Bhopping

i warned 1 person like 2 weeks ago about bhopping :eyes:
Mapley Reviewed 23 3,340 22 Feb 21 at 7:56pm
    Thread: Climbswep Launching / Bhopping
Post: RE: Climbswep Launching / Bhopping

-1 I don't believe that people will be having fun when they have people zooming around the map shooting everything in the matter of seconds. Over all this is a bad suggestion cause no matter what the ...
Mapley Reviewed 23 3,340 22 Feb 21 at 7:53pm
    Thread: Vad but hes applying for staff
Post: RE: Vad but hes applying for staff

+1 Good man quite active, very friendly and over a good application for the answers! But I don't speak adult so uhh baba
Mapley Accepted 14 2,328 13 Feb 21 at 10:22pm
    Thread: Lerry's Staff Application
Post: RE: Lerry's Staff Application

Neutral, Basically what wizz said. Also in the UNION RDM could use 1 really small tweak on how you first start off the sit. We don't bring 2 people at once since they argue a lot like that.
Mapley Accepted 7 1,088 13 Feb 21 at 10:20pm
    Thread: Bore/Sev's Funny Staff App
Post: RE: Bore/Sev's Funny Staff App

+1 Agree they were quite small details but got to the point. I do see Sev on quite alot around the time the server is not active and thats usually when there is no staff so he would help alot. Very fr...
Mapley Accepted 6 1,289 13 Feb 21 at 10:14pm
    Thread: mint julep's staff application
Post: RE: mint julep's staff application

+1 Podcast man and Radio man, just what we need! I see you in game almost everyday and you're pretty nice so I feel like you would do great!
Mapley Accepted 8 1,305 13 Feb 21 at 10:10pm
    Thread: Tea's staff application
Post: RE: Tea's staff application

+1 I agree with what Wizz said about the HECU but overall I see noting wrong with this application, good luck man!
Mapley Accepted 9 1,230 13 Feb 21 at 10:09pm
    Thread: Wizz's Staff Application (Number Two)
Post: RE: Wizz's Staff Application (Number Two)

+1 Answers are good as well as your reputation of a good guy, I feel like you would do great as a staff member!
Mapley Accepted 9 1,226 4 Feb 21 at 2:03am
    Thread: Venom's GameMaster Application
Post: RE: Venom's GameMaster Application

+1 Venom is a cool man and very active as well as his event ideas are pretty good, good luck on gm! :D
Mapley Accepted 10 1,659 17 Jan 21 at 12:50am
    Thread: Your Campaign Manager's Staff Application
Post: RE: Your Campaign Manager's Staff Application

+1 I have seen you around and you're a good guy i do say, and im surprised you haven't been looked at yet holy, good luck!
Mapley Accepted 12 2,312 6 Jan 21 at 4:21pm