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    Thread: Cuff time nerf. Please.
Post: RE: Cuff time nerf. Please.

-1 jury and mp cuffs were shit before the improvements, and I see no reason to nerf the cuffs at all. Yeah, jury/mp are annoying when there's 6-8 of them on, but the same goes for literally any divisi...
Etzil Suggestions & Bug Reports 22 989 6 Jun 22 at 12:20pm
    Thread: shitpost
Post: RE: shitpost

I'm actually shitting my post right now as a matter of fact
Etzil General Discussion 7 209 2 Jun 22 at 1:03pm
    Thread: Do you accept my offer?
Post: RE: Do you accept my offer?

amazing deal however wheres the men option :(
Etzil Off Topic 8 418 23 May 22 at 5:24am
    Thread: Nerf RU
Post: RE: Nerf RU

-1 dp-12 is great in cqc for it's 400 damage capability per shot, but that's assuming you land all 16 pellets. Spread increases with range, and damage decreases with range. Damage dropoff exists, and ...
Etzil Suggestions & Bug Reports 28 1,271 23 May 22 at 2:30am
    Thread: Your favorite hot sauce?
Post: RE: Your favorite hot sauce?

Tabasco is the only hot sauce I remember having by name so it takes the cake
Etzil Off Topic 15 576 8 May 22 at 5:21am
    Thread: funny medic staff app
Post: RE: funny medic staff app

+1 guh cool guy loves garfield kart long time community member
Etzil Accepted 9 664 7 May 22 at 4:21pm
    Thread: Bring Back Squad VC System
Post: RE: Bring Back Squad VC System

(2 May 22 at 7:33pm)Skippy Wrote: I am creating this thread as a discussion to see where the community stands on the squad VC system i hate squad vc with every cell in my body just call on discord o...
Etzil Suggestions & Bug Reports 10 568 2 May 22 at 8:39pm
    Thread: Etzil's GM App
Post: Etzil's GM App

Etzil's GM App List all RP Character names Helix Advisor Etzil MPF MACE SqL Etzil MPF GRID TR-5 09 4300 RECON SSGT Etzil HVY PFC Etzil SteamID & Discord Name/Tag STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:21584685 D...
Etzil Accepted 9 454 30 Apr 22 at 12:25pm
    Thread: Cocodrilo's Staff Application
Post: RE: Cocodrilo's Staff Application

+1 active, fun, and trustworthy guy really responsible with medic, and I have no doubt you can manage the same with staff just make sure you erase defn from your name before minging on icefuse :skull:
Etzil Accepted 9 550 28 Apr 22 at 9:32am
    Thread: Sanders staff application
Post: RE: Sanders staff application

+1 very cool sanders man hope this turns out to be a good place to start staffing active ass mf smh
Etzil Accepted 8 585 28 Apr 22 at 9:30am
    Thread: Vexeer's Staff Application 2: Electric Boogaloo
Post: RE: Vexeer's Staff Application 2: Electric Boogalo...

+1 can I have your old pc I want to fry eggs on it
Etzil Accepted 12 817 27 Apr 22 at 10:17am
    Thread: add inventory loadouts
Post: RE: add inventory loadouts

+1 once people get a bunch of perks n weapons it'll be wild
Etzil Suggestions & Bug Reports 9 419 25 Apr 22 at 9:01am
    Thread: Bee staff application
Post: RE: Bee staff application

+1 cool active friendly and reasonable guy I'll double +1 on my totally real alt if he sends me bats tho
Etzil Accepted 17 833 22 Apr 22 at 1:57pm

Etzil General Discussion 5 330 17 Apr 22 at 8:32am
    Thread: Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Ban Appeal

Noted, didn't show leadership.
Etzil General 21 1,544 11 Apr 22 at 5:03am
    Thread: Kanye Staff Report on some incel named Etzil
Post: RE: Kanye Staff Report on some incel named Etzil

+1 I hate that etzil guy, why's he staff? #freekanye
Etzil Reviewed 10 873 10 Apr 22 at 5:38am
    Thread: standardize speed perks
Post: RE: standardize speed perks

-1 Speedy classes like recon and jury are meant to be fast, and there's no reason that speed perks should have to change even more than they already have, especially with new limitations. Top-heavy us...
Etzil Reviewed 5 513 28 Mar 22 at 3:44pm
    Thread: in !3p the second jump of floaty comes out at an angle
Post: RE: in !3p the second jump of floaty comes out at ...

This has been addressed before, so I'll let you know what's happening. The way Floaty works, the second jump is lead by wherever your camera is facing. With thirdperson enabled, your camera is, by def...
Etzil Suggestions & Bug Reports 1 206 28 Mar 22 at 5:44am
    Thread: A Second Chance
Post: RE: A Second Chance

Etzil Reviewed 22 1,656 10 Mar 22 at 2:59am
    Thread: Increasing the prop limit for Engi and Grid
Post: RE: Increasing the prop limit for Engi and Grid

+1 Too many times have I seen a teammate ask a GRID/Engi to "add this" or "add that" here or there, and the only thing they can say is they're at their prop limit.
Etzil Suggestions & Bug Reports 20 1,318 23 Feb 22 at 4:54pm