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    Thread: V.I.P refunding
Post: RE: V.I.P refunding "If any rank, perks, rewards or any other benefits received are lost due to technical issues, you must provide evidence of an apparent attempt to con...
Nekso General 4 702 10 Sep 20 at 6:29pm
    Thread: Add a basic nodegraph
Post: RE: Add a basic nodegraph

+1, This is very possible but uhhh I am not sure if anything would get in the way of that. Anyways its most likely something that Sentinel and Me could do most likely.
Nekso Reviewed 10 1,150 7 Sep 20 at 9:03pm
    Thread: Stryker's Warn Appeal
Post: RE: Stryker's Warn Appeal

+1, as a former staff accidentally killing civilians/anarchist for mistaking them as enemies happens a lot and most people don't get warned. I don't think someone needs a warn over an accident. But, t...
Nekso Reviewed 9 1,420 3 Aug 20 at 4:29am
    Thread: This Real Dino Staff App
Post: RE: This Real Dino Staff App

+1, Dino from my experience can be a little crazy but he is generally a good guy and can follow rules. I think he'll be good for the staff team.
Nekso Denied 21 2,759 28 Jul 20 at 1:16pm
    Thread: Rename "Affairs" to "Customer Service"
Post: RE: Rename "Affairs" to "Customer Service"

+1 yes
Nekso General Discussion 8 1,120 27 Jul 20 at 9:13pm
    Thread: Scoot staff burhppication
Post: RE: Scoot staff burhppication

-1 Oh man the amount of stuff I have had with you man. Listen, you are a funny ass fucking guy and cool to be around but you can’t behave yourself sometimes and I really haven’t seen you changed that....
Nekso Denied 12 2,317 14 Jul 20 at 7:24am
    Thread: Snowden LTAP ban appeal
Post: RE: Snowden LTAP ban appeal

-1 If you are gonna act this way about your ban and instead of acting in a respectable manner than I think you deserve it https://media.discorda...
Nekso Reviewed 13 2,859 5 Jul 20 at 1:07pm
    Thread: Bring back neck snap
Post: RE: Bring back neck snap

+1 i never used it but it sounds cool and I don’t think bringing it back will hurt anything.
Nekso Reviewed 34 4,397 29 Jun 20 at 7:42pm
    Thread: New Weapon Shop Additions
Post: RE: New Weapon Shop Additions

-1, I like new guns and stuff, but they don't fit the era so yeah its a no from me.
Nekso Reviewed 51 6,350 28 Jun 20 at 9:26am
    Thread: Underground Sewer System (Inspired by SCAV 2ndLT Dusty)
Post: RE: Underground Sewer System (Inspired by SCAV 2nd...

Its a cool idea but I am 99% sure Sentinel has said that he has reached the brush limit for the map. So yes, its cool and all but the hammer editor and source engine has limitations.
Nekso Reviewed 17 2,380 19 Jun 20 at 2:18am
    Thread: Love me like you do
Post: RE: Love me like you do

both traSH
Nekso Off Topic 10 1,844 15 Jun 20 at 9:58pm
    Thread: Eduardo's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Eduardo's Ban Appeal

You were banned for possible wallhacks and bhop scripting. If you can show some actual proof that be pretty cool tho ngl. I would put the proof here but idk if I am allowed to soo.. i'll just let Vexe...
Nekso Reviewed 19 3,426 14 Jun 20 at 7:25pm
    Thread: A laundry list of map changes (I'm serious with this one guys)
Post: RE: A laundry list of map changes (I'm serious wit...

Sentinel and Deutsch are working on the aesthetic to make it more HL2 theme and the water is supposed to hurt you because your reaching the map borders and why would you want to go in the water anyway...
Nekso Reviewed 9 1,352 14 Jun 20 at 6:09am
    Thread: Suggestion
Post: RE: Suggestion

Use correct suggestion format, please.
Nekso Reviewed 6 1,293 4 Jun 20 at 10:33pm
    Thread: Echos Staff App
Post: RE: Echos Staff App

You have added more detail I will +1 you show that you want to join and have the resolve and attitude for it. Bonus points if you add more detail to your “Why should you be accepted into the the staff...
Nekso Denied 16 2,980 2 Jun 20 at 3:46am
    Thread: Echos Staff App
Post: RE: Echos Staff App

Neutral I would have to agree with Joe here. They are a bit to bland and definitely could use some more detail, if you do change it I would be happy to change my opinion!
Nekso Denied 16 2,980 1 Jun 20 at 6:55pm
    Thread: SSteffan's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: SSteffan's Ban Appeal

Neutral, although hacking is bad and it can also help in some scenarios. I believe the fault belongs to the staff member here and that staff member has been dealt with. I have seen and played with you...
Nekso Reviewed 16 3,040 25 May 20 at 9:48am
    Thread: Add Kill Counters Back To Weapons
Post: Add Kill Counters Back To Weapons

FULL RP Name(s): A: Lambda Assassin Ace, SU SSGT Ace, OTA RANGER SqL Ace Discord Username: A: Nekso#8348 Steam ID: A: STEAM_0:0:104917769 Workshop Link: (If applicable) A: N/A What is your suggest...
Nekso Reviewed 10 1,763 25 May 20 at 4:36am
    Thread: Bring him back
Post: RE: Bring him back

Also can cause a shit load of lag
Nekso Reviewed 9 1,884 22 May 20 at 3:51pm
    Thread: ErRoRS_'s Staff Application
Post: RE: ErRoRS_'s Staff Application

+1 your answers seem nice and good. From meeting you and playing with you are a nice guy and I think you could do good in the staff team.
Nekso Accepted 7 1,585 22 May 20 at 3:28pm