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    Thread: whats good
Post: RE: whats good

Show us your feet
Nekso Introductions 33 5,036 20 May 20 at 12:15am
    Thread: T90 Sparks with Mace
Post: RE: T90 Sparks with Mace

Please keep comments related to the bug report, and not just arguing. Thank you.
Nekso Reviewed 14 2,192 18 May 20 at 9:50pm
    Thread: Raven's Staff Application
Post: RE: Raven's Staff Application

+1 Great guy nice application deserves a chance
Nekso Accepted 10 2,465 14 May 20 at 1:06pm
    Thread: Family Guy Moments' Staff Application
Post: RE: Family Guy Moments' Staff Application

+1 pretty much everything they said, your app is solid you deserve a chance.
Nekso Accepted 6 1,504 3 May 20 at 11:39pm
    Thread: Mordekaiser's Staff Application
Post: RE: Mordekaiser's Staff Application

+1 Your app is good and I trust you. From my overall experience from you, you are a great and chill guy to hang out with.
Nekso Accepted 7 2,778 3 May 20 at 11:38pm
    Thread: Skippy - Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Skippy - Ban Appeal

Neutral leaning to -1. Nothing against you but you really are toxic as I have seen it myself. Being an active NCO is cool and all, but like Trench said its not an excuse to just get out of a punishmen...
Nekso Reviewed 16 3,066 3 May 20 at 7:02am
    Thread: Canadie's Staff Application!
Post: RE: Canadie's Staff Application!

+1 Great player and a well known member of the community. App looks good, you have my +1.
Nekso Accepted 12 2,403 3 May 20 at 5:18am
    Thread: Durendal's Ban appeal
Post: RE: Durendal's Ban appeal

Let me explain why I had to give the ban/warn. It’s not like I have a choice I have to give it because the player is wanted him to be warned/banned. I remain completely unbiased as I review the proof ...
Nekso Reviewed 15 2,837 27 Apr 20 at 11:19am
    Thread: Trial mod Application
Post: RE: Trial mod Application

-1 In sorry man but this is just bad. You need a minimum for three sentences for for a question and you didn’t even put two. Your answers to the situation questions are terrible and not at all what yo...
Nekso Denied 7 1,331 26 Apr 20 at 10:56am
    Thread: Forum Report
Post: RE: Forum Report

He will probably get a warn for RDM/Metagame I will alert the HA’s about this.
Nekso Reviewed 15 3,149 23 Apr 20 at 1:46am
    Thread: Nerf RPG
Post: RE: Nerf RPG

+1 Rockets fuck everything up and using it against infantry is insane
Nekso Reviewed 21 3,966 21 Apr 20 at 2:45pm
    Thread: CamCaliber Staff Application
Post: RE: CamCaliber Staff Application

-1 this is my opinion in general of you. When I gagged you, you wanted to complain that it wasn’t against the rules cause it isn’t in there. Mic spam is categorized under FailRP. I wasn’t the only who...
Nekso Accepted 6 1,804 20 Apr 20 at 5:23am
    Thread: KitCat223's Warn Appeal/ Nekso Report
Post: RE: KitCat223's Warn Appeal/ Nekso Report

Bud, it does make common sense for it to be on a server in general whether its serious RP or not. Basically, what you are saying is that you can go around playing loud ass fucking music around players...
Nekso Reviewed 12 2,125 15 Apr 20 at 11:53pm
    Thread: Wipe the UNION 09 Nickname Database periodically
Post: RE: Wipe the UNION 09 Nickname Database periodical...

+1 I agree but if you are training recruits tell them to do stuff like this Ex. MPF Union 09 4223, MPF UNION O9 6654, MPF UnioN 09 1143, etc. basically just make some letters capital or not and you wi...
Nekso Reviewed 22 3,891 14 Apr 20 at 10:37am
    Thread: Add a TK system to SU
Post: Add a TK system to SU

FULL RP Name(s): A: OVA FOXTROT ATO OfC-III Ace, SU C-R LCPL Ace, OSE SENTINEL 4556 Discord Username: A: [DEFN] Nekso#8384 Steam ID: A: STEAM_0:0:104917769 Workshop Link: (If applicable) A: N/A Wh...
Nekso Reviewed 6 1,277 12 Apr 20 at 7:45pm
    Thread: Add Barnacles to the Map
Post: RE: Add Barnacles to the Map

Cool idea I guess but HIGHLY doubt that this would ever be added because server optimization for lag is sentinels like number one priority
Nekso Reviewed 13 2,501 10 Apr 20 at 2:25am
    Thread: My list of Suggestions
Post: RE: My list of Suggestions

For the RP situations it would just not work and SUs would take a major blow if it would be added. Searches can be easily exploitable which is why you can’t do them. Someone could simply just say “Hey...
Nekso Reviewed 10 1,796 9 Apr 20 at 6:52pm
    Thread: Invisible walls
Post: RE: Invisible walls

You could open up certain rooftops and leave ones that completely provide an unfair advantage closed so that maybe one side has a few open that can provide and advantage and that the other side has th...
Nekso Reviewed 32 4,743 9 Apr 20 at 4:52pm
    Thread: Add Smart Snap
Post: RE: Add Smart Snap

+1 Anything that is very easy to add and can help Grids/Engies and GM's always sounds like a good idea.
Nekso Reviewed 13 2,331 9 Apr 20 at 12:24pm
    Thread: Katgoop's Ban Appeal ( MPF BALLISTIC B5 07 9795 )
Post: RE: Katgoop's Ban Appeal ( MPF BALLISTIC B5 07 979...

Basically everything that Brand said summed it up. Don’t wait to go see a staff member if you have an issue with someone and need advice and I have no clue how Dreik being a VIP has anything to do wit...
Nekso Reviewed 9 1,583 8 Apr 20 at 2:29pm