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    Thread: Invisible walls
Post: RE: Invisible walls

+1 Extremely easy thing to do. But I don’t think Rauber is gonna do it who knows tho
Nekso Reviewed 32 4,743 5 Apr 20 at 12:56pm
    Thread: If shields are no more
Post: RE: If shields are no more

Neutral, these changes are not permanent they may or may not be changed/reverted so chill out
Nekso Reviewed 11 2,192 3 Apr 20 at 1:04pm
    Thread: Give LVET Marksmen Climbswep.
Post: RE: Give LVET Marksmen Climbswep.

Just because you know how rude climb aww doesn’t mean everyone else does, Prismo. To use* Fuck dude typing on a phone he so hard
Nekso Reviewed 28 3,962 3 Apr 20 at 9:58am
    Thread: Report on Hickok
Post: RE: Report on Hickok

+1 yeah it pretty much looks like an RDM case. I will let the HA's know about it and then hopefully we can take some action.
Nekso Reviewed 7 1,476 3 Apr 20 at 5:56am
    Thread: Give LVET Marksmen Climbswep.
Post: RE: Give LVET Marksmen Climbswep.

-1 I know the devs aren't gonna give climbswep to LVET Marksman anyways. But in my opinion SU already counters Cross and Mace and we don't need another class to have climb swep tbh. You would also nee...
Nekso Reviewed 28 3,962 3 Apr 20 at 5:53am
    Thread: Suggestion for Map
Post: RE: Suggestion for Map

+1 I love you Rauber but map kinda doo doo
Nekso Reviewed 14 2,425 31 Mar 20 at 9:02pm
    Thread: Venom's Staff Application
Post: RE: Venom's Staff Application

+1 Ton of experience. Great guy. Perfect for the staff team, you did good on the staff application.
Nekso Denied 5 1,157 31 Mar 20 at 8:23pm
    Thread: I changed my mind i want to be unbanned and never rdm again
Post: RE: I changed my mind i want to be unbanned and ne...

If you got banned permanently for RDM must mean you did a lot. Just because you are bored and have nothing else to do isn’t a good enough reason, to me it just means you are gonna come back and do it ...
Nekso Reviewed 7 1,339 29 Mar 20 at 8:31pm
    Thread: Thunder's Staff App
Post: RE: Thunder's Staff App

+1 Good app, you look good so giving you a chance seems like a good a decision.
Nekso Accepted 11 2,396 26 Mar 20 at 10:08pm
    Thread: Beowulf's ban app
Post: RE: Beowulf's ban app

+1 I do think you should be unbanned. But I highly doubt you will due to the punishment sheet we have to follow and the harsher punishments for little stuff like that. May god bless Beowulf
Nekso Reviewed 17 3,107 22 Mar 20 at 5:04pm
    Thread: Buff the Vortigaunts
Post: RE: Buff the Vortigaunts

+1 I would like Cory to be used more and not just a meme class Vort* lmao imagine typing on a phone
Nekso Reviewed 13 2,181 17 Mar 20 at 2:58am
    Thread: new mpf models
Post: RE: new mpf models

Ah yes the double Stun stick metro cop is gonna beat the rebels to death
Nekso Reviewed 17 3,003 15 Mar 20 at 12:36am
    Thread: Zdenek's staff application.
Post: RE: Zdenek's staff application.

+1 App looks pretty good. As long as you learned from your mistakes and which Combean seems to trust you I am all up for giving you a second chance.
Nekso Accepted 6 1,306 8 Mar 20 at 12:54pm
    Thread: Blacagaaras Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Blacagaaras Ban Appeal

I am pretty sure I banned you for MRDM I will ask one do the HAs to check to see if I banned you and chcdkc the logs to see if you did MRDM
Nekso Reviewed 4 1,071 4 Mar 20 at 12:35am
    Thread: Karol's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Karol's Ban Appeal

-1 I am prett sure you were one of the three Unions that were mass rdming but anyways you gotta serve your time
Nekso Reviewed 8 1,917 4 Mar 20 at 12:30am
    Thread: NIL applies!!
Post: RE: NIL applies!!

+1 Nil to me you are a good guy I really wouldn’t mind giving you a chance
Nekso Accepted 13 2,790 25 Feb 20 at 12:54am
    Thread: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp
Post: RE: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp

Well the BH is 16k if I last remembered so that means it takes 4 rockets to die and sometimes 3 depending on the amount of gun fire you are getting. If ballista are constantly spawning on a point just...
Nekso Reviewed 37 6,146 17 Feb 20 at 3:21am
    Thread: Mantis' staff app.
Post: RE: Mantis' staff app.

Neutral, I am kind of iffy on you. You look good in some areas and then others you don’t, need three sentences on why you should be accepted into the staff team and maybe once I start getting back fro...
Nekso Denied 11 2,363 17 Feb 20 at 3:17am
    Thread: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp
Post: RE: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp

-1 in my whole experience with OVA the rocket launchers have been fine. Yes the BH is slow but makes up with its impressive weapons and higher HP value if you can learn how to fly that vehicle properl...
Nekso Reviewed 37 6,146 16 Feb 20 at 6:55pm
    Thread: Autos Unban Appeal
Post: RE: Autos Unban Appeal

+1 I like the resolve paragraph I think you deserve another chance
Nekso Reviewed 12 2,870 10 Feb 20 at 9:41pm