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    Thread: Who the fuck is fel
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Sakura stoopid
Nekso Off Topic 9 1,497 9 Feb 20 at 5:13pm
    Thread: Monarch's Staff Application
Post: RE: Monarch's Staff Application

-1 Uhhh you can DM if you want to know but the reason for it I would not like to share here because it’s probably a little sensitive
Nekso Denied 8 1,551 6 Feb 20 at 12:35am
    Thread: Phalanx's Staff Application
Post: RE: Phalanx's Staff Application

+1, honestly I think you would probably make good staff and if your plan resignation goes like it does and you become a lot more active. you could turn out pretty good.
Nekso Accepted 19 3,337 3 Feb 20 at 2:40am
    Thread: Add Unbreakable Tool for GMS
Post: RE: Add Unbreakable Tool for GMS

+1 would be a very helpful tool for game masters and shouldn’t be too hard to code
Nekso Reviewed 11 1,779 3 Feb 20 at 2:35am
    Thread: Vix's Staff Application
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+1 good app vouching for you looks like I did the right thing. Make me proud soon.
Nekso Accepted 14 2,706 31 Jan 20 at 1:26am
    Thread: A Serious Question
Post: RE: A Serious Question

Yea uh MPF CO’s have a role and tryouts are pretty consistent and you can always get a private tryout from a CO isn’t that hard tbh
Nekso General 15 3,193 26 Jan 20 at 4:19am
    Thread: Poison's Staff Application V3.
Post: RE: Poison's Staff Application V3.

Neutral, man ya just had to go and do something bad, cmon bro.
Nekso Denied 12 2,369 21 Jan 20 at 7:37pm
    Thread: Poison's Staff Application V3.
Post: RE: Poison's Staff Application V3.

+1 think ya deserve a chance ya app looks good for the last question you literally can not warn someone above you ULX doesn’t work like that but overall good app, good luck
Nekso Denied 12 2,369 21 Jan 20 at 2:15am
    Thread: Strider Main gun Rework
Post: RE: Strider Main gun Rework

+1 Jiggy Jiggy I am very fucking late and I know Sentinel is already working on it but it needs to happen
Nekso Reviewed 17 3,457 20 Jan 20 at 2:43am
    Thread: Communist nekos staff app
Post: RE: Communist nekos staff app

+1, AHH MY EYES HURT WITH THE FORMAT but I like ya and I think ya can be given a chance, good luck.
Nekso Accepted 11 2,038 20 Jan 20 at 2:39am
    Thread: Storm's ban appeal
Post: RE: Storm's ban appeal

-1 Even if you massed TK a long time ago it doesn’t matter. Mass TK is one of those things you have to consciously say “Today I will be a dick and mass TK” and also your evidence doesn’t work.
Nekso Reviewed 11 2,478 19 Jan 20 at 3:34am
    Thread: Poison's Game Master Application
Post: RE: Poison's Game Master Application

Gonna do a big meme and go +neutral for now, it will prob change but DM if ya wanna know.
Nekso Accepted 16 2,802 14 Jan 20 at 7:19pm
    Thread: Silence's Staff App
Post: RE: Silence's Staff App

+1, I have no clue what you did as a staff member but from your application ya look good and I hope you get a chance at staff.
Nekso Accepted 12 2,999 13 Jan 20 at 11:24pm
    Thread: Poison's Game Master Application
Post: RE: Poison's Game Master Application

+1, ya app sounds good I believe ya deserve a chance.
Nekso Accepted 16 2,802 13 Jan 20 at 11:18pm
    Thread: Outlaw Anime
Post: RE: Outlaw Anime

nah bro castleton you are cringe you are so getting demoted to ofc 1.2
Nekso Reviewed 36 6,946 5 Jan 20 at 10:03am
    Thread: Ick's Staff App
Post: RE: Ick's Staff App

+1 fixed my rank on the forums and would make great staff xd
Nekso Accepted 15 2,804 3 Jan 20 at 3:55am
    Thread: Blue's staff app
Post: RE: Blue's staff app

-1 You have a lot of grammar errors, I recommend going back through your answers to view them and to maybe put some more thought into them and put more detail. If you do fix these, I will be sure to ...
Nekso Denied 5 1,275 3 Jan 20 at 3:54am
    Thread: new ac4 idea for foxtrot
Post: RE: new ac4 idea for foxtrot

We already have ideas for the Hornet to come in its purely up to Sentinel and the devs if they want to add it in, they have I guess what you can call a "priority" list.
Nekso Reviewed 7 1,412 29 Dec 19 at 10:09am
    Thread: Sakra´s Staff Application!
Post: RE: Sakra´s Staff Application!

+1, I don't play rebel a lot so I don't know too much about you. But, from what I have heard and from your application you seem like a generally chill guy and your application shows that you know what...
Nekso Accepted 6 4,179 24 Dec 19 at 11:07pm
    Thread: Slicey's Staff App
Post: RE: Slicey's Staff App

+1 Your app looks pretty good and you are a trustworthy guy, I think you make a good member of the staff team.
Nekso Denied 13 2,854 20 Dec 19 at 10:09pm