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    Thread: I Want To Die/Ace's Staff Application
Post: I Want To Die/Ace's Staff Application

FULL RP Name(s): OVA FOXTROT ATO OfC-I Ace/Crimson SNP PFC TR Ace/S.R.R. Trainee Acere Discord Username:Yeetus#8348 Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:104917769 What region/timezone are you located in? EST (Easter...
Nekso Accepted 7 1,794 16 Dec 19 at 8:30pm
    Thread: Sakra´s Staff Application!
Post: RE: Sakra´s Staff Application!

+1, I don't play rebel a lot so I don't know too much about you. But, from what I have heard and from your application you seem like a generally chill guy and your application shows that you know what...
Nekso Accepted 6 4,179 24 Dec 19 at 11:07pm
    Thread: Ick's Staff App
Post: RE: Ick's Staff App

+1 fixed my rank on the forums and would make great staff xd
Nekso Accepted 15 2,804 3 Jan 20 at 3:55am
    Thread: Poison's Game Master Application
Post: RE: Poison's Game Master Application

+1, ya app sounds good I believe ya deserve a chance.
Nekso Accepted 16 2,802 13 Jan 20 at 11:18pm
    Thread: Silence's Staff App
Post: RE: Silence's Staff App

+1, I have no clue what you did as a staff member but from your application ya look good and I hope you get a chance at staff.
Nekso Accepted 12 2,999 13 Jan 20 at 11:24pm
    Thread: Poison's Game Master Application
Post: RE: Poison's Game Master Application

Gonna do a big meme and go +neutral for now, it will prob change but DM if ya wanna know.
Nekso Accepted 16 2,802 14 Jan 20 at 7:19pm
    Thread: Communist nekos staff app
Post: RE: Communist nekos staff app

+1, AHH MY EYES HURT WITH THE FORMAT but I like ya and I think ya can be given a chance, good luck.
Nekso Accepted 11 2,038 20 Jan 20 at 2:39am
    Thread: Vix's Staff Application
Post: RE: Vix's Staff Application

+1 good app vouching for you looks like I did the right thing. Make me proud soon.
Nekso Accepted 14 2,706 31 Jan 20 at 1:26am
    Thread: Phalanx's Staff Application
Post: RE: Phalanx's Staff Application

+1, honestly I think you would probably make good staff and if your plan resignation goes like it does and you become a lot more active. you could turn out pretty good.
Nekso Accepted 19 3,337 3 Feb 20 at 2:40am
    Thread: NIL applies!!
Post: RE: NIL applies!!

+1 Nil to me you are a good guy I really wouldn’t mind giving you a chance
Nekso Accepted 13 2,790 25 Feb 20 at 12:54am
    Thread: Zdenek's staff application.
Post: RE: Zdenek's staff application.

+1 App looks pretty good. As long as you learned from your mistakes and which Combean seems to trust you I am all up for giving you a second chance.
Nekso Accepted 6 1,306 8 Mar 20 at 12:54pm
    Thread: Thunder's Staff App
Post: RE: Thunder's Staff App

+1 Good app, you look good so giving you a chance seems like a good a decision.
Nekso Accepted 11 2,396 26 Mar 20 at 10:08pm
    Thread: CamCaliber Staff Application
Post: RE: CamCaliber Staff Application

-1 this is my opinion in general of you. When I gagged you, you wanted to complain that it wasn’t against the rules cause it isn’t in there. Mic spam is categorized under FailRP. I wasn’t the only who...
Nekso Accepted 6 1,804 20 Apr 20 at 5:23am
    Thread: Canadie's Staff Application!
Post: RE: Canadie's Staff Application!

+1 Great player and a well known member of the community. App looks good, you have my +1.
Nekso Accepted 12 2,403 3 May 20 at 5:18am
    Thread: Mordekaiser's Staff Application
Post: RE: Mordekaiser's Staff Application

+1 Your app is good and I trust you. From my overall experience from you, you are a great and chill guy to hang out with.
Nekso Accepted 7 2,778 3 May 20 at 11:38pm
    Thread: Family Guy Moments' Staff Application
Post: RE: Family Guy Moments' Staff Application

+1 pretty much everything they said, your app is solid you deserve a chance.
Nekso Accepted 6 1,504 3 May 20 at 11:39pm
    Thread: Raven's Staff Application
Post: RE: Raven's Staff Application

+1 Great guy nice application deserves a chance
Nekso Accepted 10 2,465 14 May 20 at 1:06pm
    Thread: ErRoRS_'s Staff Application
Post: RE: ErRoRS_'s Staff Application

+1 your answers seem nice and good. From meeting you and playing with you are a nice guy and I think you could do good in the staff team.
Nekso Accepted 7 1,585 22 May 20 at 3:28pm
    Thread: Pielord's GM Application: revised and streamlined
Post: RE: Pielord's GM Application: revised and streamli...

+1 I am hoping that you have changed and don’t abuse ur ulx and don’t act retarded anymore. It’s a good app and detailed I hope that if you do get another chance you’ll use it wisely.
Nekso Accepted 21 2,537 23 Sep 20 at 11:41pm
    Thread: Vad but hes applying for staff
Post: RE: Vad but hes applying for staff

+1, I've seen you active a lot more and I know you would already make a great addition to the staff team.
Nekso Accepted 14 1,440 14 Feb 21 at 3:17am