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    Thread: Slicey's Staff App
Post: RE: Slicey's Staff App

+1 Your app looks pretty good and you are a trustworthy guy, I think you make a good member of the staff team.
Nekso Denied 13 3,053 20 Dec 19 at 10:09pm
    Thread: Blue's staff app
Post: RE: Blue's staff app

-1 You have a lot of grammar errors, I recommend going back through your answers to view them and to maybe put some more thought into them and put more detail. If you do fix these, I will be sure to ...
Nekso Denied 5 1,349 3 Jan 20 at 3:54am
    Thread: Poison's Staff Application V3.
Post: RE: Poison's Staff Application V3.

+1 think ya deserve a chance ya app looks good for the last question you literally can not warn someone above you ULX doesn’t work like that but overall good app, good luck
Nekso Denied 12 2,502 21 Jan 20 at 2:15am
    Thread: Poison's Staff Application V3.
Post: RE: Poison's Staff Application V3.

Neutral, man ya just had to go and do something bad, cmon bro.
Nekso Denied 12 2,502 21 Jan 20 at 7:37pm
    Thread: Monarch's Staff Application
Post: RE: Monarch's Staff Application

-1 Uhhh you can DM if you want to know but the reason for it I would not like to share here because it’s probably a little sensitive
Nekso Denied 8 1,667 6 Feb 20 at 12:35am
    Thread: Mantis' staff app.
Post: RE: Mantis' staff app.

Neutral, I am kind of iffy on you. You look good in some areas and then others you don’t, need three sentences on why you should be accepted into the staff team and maybe once I start getting back fro...
Nekso Denied 11 2,504 17 Feb 20 at 3:17am
    Thread: Venom's Staff Application
Post: RE: Venom's Staff Application

+1 Ton of experience. Great guy. Perfect for the staff team, you did good on the staff application.
Nekso Denied 5 1,237 31 Mar 20 at 8:23pm
    Thread: Trial mod Application
Post: RE: Trial mod Application

-1 In sorry man but this is just bad. You need a minimum for three sentences for for a question and you didn’t even put two. Your answers to the situation questions are terrible and not at all what yo...
Nekso Denied 7 1,415 26 Apr 20 at 10:56am
    Thread: Echos Staff App
Post: RE: Echos Staff App

Neutral I would have to agree with Joe here. They are a bit to bland and definitely could use some more detail, if you do change it I would be happy to change my opinion!
Nekso Denied 16 3,148 1 Jun 20 at 6:55pm
    Thread: Echos Staff App
Post: RE: Echos Staff App

You have added more detail I will +1 you show that you want to join and have the resolve and attitude for it. Bonus points if you add more detail to your “Why should you be accepted into the the staff...
Nekso Denied 16 3,148 2 Jun 20 at 3:46am
    Thread: Scoot staff burhppication
Post: RE: Scoot staff burhppication

-1 Oh man the amount of stuff I have had with you man. Listen, you are a funny ass fucking guy and cool to be around but you can’t behave yourself sometimes and I really haven’t seen you changed that....
Nekso Denied 12 2,503 14 Jul 20 at 7:24am
    Thread: This Real Dino Staff App
Post: RE: This Real Dino Staff App

+1, Dino from my experience can be a little crazy but he is generally a good guy and can follow rules. I think he'll be good for the staff team.
Nekso Denied 21 2,946 28 Jul 20 at 1:16pm
    Thread: A Serious Question
Post: RE: A Serious Question

Yea uh MPF CO’s have a role and tryouts are pretty consistent and you can always get a private tryout from a CO isn’t that hard tbh
Nekso General 15 3,420 26 Jan 20 at 4:19am
    Thread: V.I.P refunding
Post: RE: V.I.P refunding "If any rank, perks, rewards or any other benefits received are lost due to technical issues, you must provide evidence of an apparent attempt to con...
Nekso General 4 756 10 Sep 20 at 6:29pm
    Thread: Justice for Kobii
Post: RE: Justice for Kobii

sentinel got a whole ass 1800 shoe collection trust me
Nekso General 39 3,844 22 Oct 20 at 6:41pm
    Thread: Rename "Affairs" to "Customer Service"
Post: RE: Rename "Affairs" to "Customer Service"

+1 yes
Nekso General Discussion 8 1,242 27 Jul 20 at 9:13pm
    Thread: PSA: Appreciation Post. (Cringe warning)
Post: RE: PSA: Appreciation Post. (Cringe warning)

Gaaah arggg thx brand hope u have some more good memories here
Nekso General Discussion 25 2,144 26 Nov 20 at 2:36pm
    Thread: Fix player count bot please
Post: RE: Fix player count bot please

@ fasko and tell him thank u plz
Nekso General Discussion 18 1,539 30 May 21 at 8:00am
    Thread: Final Report
Post: RE: Final Report

i have died from csgo addiction
Nekso In-Character Discussion 4 576 22 Feb 21 at 12:34am
    Thread: whats good
Post: RE: whats good

Show us your feet
Nekso Introductions 33 5,352 20 May 20 at 12:15am