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    Thread: Who the fuck is fel
Post: RE: Who the fuck is fel

Sakura stoopid
Nekso Off Topic 9 1,650 9 Feb 20 at 5:13pm
    Thread: Love me like you do
Post: RE: Love me like you do

both traSH
Nekso Off Topic 10 2,054 15 Jun 20 at 9:58pm
    Thread: Should CWU be nerfed?
Post: RE: Should CWU be nerfed?

They aren't really OP. Most of the time when you see one healing u just blast em and he is dead and thats kinda the end.
Nekso Off Topic 10 1,424 30 Sep 20 at 3:41pm
    Thread: Raven Staff Report
Post: RE: Raven Staff Report

Nekso Off Topic 18 1,603 14 May 21 at 11:29pm
    Thread: Falcon and Ka-29: New Transport Vehicles
Post: RE: Falcon and Ka-29: New Transport Vehicles

+1 Rebels current TC has literally no weapons and nothing to defend/protect itself. And with the VTOL its pure ass and is horrible at transporting troops (I.E why we call it the "TK Machine") I really...
Nekso Reviewed 19 4,048 18 Dec 19 at 6:07pm
    Thread: new ac4 idea for foxtrot
Post: RE: new ac4 idea for foxtrot

We already have ideas for the Hornet to come in its purely up to Sentinel and the devs if they want to add it in, they have I guess what you can call a "priority" list.
Nekso Reviewed 7 1,526 29 Dec 19 at 10:09am
    Thread: Outlaw Anime
Post: RE: Outlaw Anime

nah bro castleton you are cringe you are so getting demoted to ofc 1.2
Nekso Reviewed 36 7,380 5 Jan 20 at 10:03am
    Thread: Storm's ban appeal
Post: RE: Storm's ban appeal

-1 Even if you massed TK a long time ago it doesn’t matter. Mass TK is one of those things you have to consciously say “Today I will be a dick and mass TK” and also your evidence doesn’t work.
Nekso Reviewed 11 2,649 19 Jan 20 at 3:34am
    Thread: Strider Main gun Rework
Post: RE: Strider Main gun Rework

+1 Jiggy Jiggy I am very fucking late and I know Sentinel is already working on it but it needs to happen
Nekso Reviewed 17 3,670 20 Jan 20 at 2:43am
    Thread: Add Unbreakable Tool for GMS
Post: RE: Add Unbreakable Tool for GMS

+1 would be a very helpful tool for game masters and shouldn’t be too hard to code
Nekso Reviewed 11 1,896 3 Feb 20 at 2:35am
    Thread: Autos Unban Appeal
Post: RE: Autos Unban Appeal

+1 I like the resolve paragraph I think you deserve another chance
Nekso Reviewed 12 3,135 10 Feb 20 at 9:41pm
    Thread: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp
Post: RE: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp

-1 in my whole experience with OVA the rocket launchers have been fine. Yes the BH is slow but makes up with its impressive weapons and higher HP value if you can learn how to fly that vehicle properl...
Nekso Reviewed 37 6,579 16 Feb 20 at 6:55pm
    Thread: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp
Post: RE: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp

Well the BH is 16k if I last remembered so that means it takes 4 rockets to die and sometimes 3 depending on the amount of gun fire you are getting. If ballista are constantly spawning on a point just...
Nekso Reviewed 37 6,579 17 Feb 20 at 3:21am
    Thread: Karol's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Karol's Ban Appeal

-1 I am prett sure you were one of the three Unions that were mass rdming but anyways you gotta serve your time
Nekso Reviewed 8 2,037 4 Mar 20 at 12:30am
    Thread: Blacagaaras Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Blacagaaras Ban Appeal

I am pretty sure I banned you for MRDM I will ask one do the HAs to check to see if I banned you and chcdkc the logs to see if you did MRDM
Nekso Reviewed 4 1,176 4 Mar 20 at 12:35am
    Thread: new mpf models
Post: RE: new mpf models

Ah yes the double Stun stick metro cop is gonna beat the rebels to death
Nekso Reviewed 17 3,175 15 Mar 20 at 12:36am
    Thread: Buff the Vortigaunts
Post: RE: Buff the Vortigaunts

+1 I would like Cory to be used more and not just a meme class Vort* lmao imagine typing on a phone
Nekso Reviewed 13 2,328 17 Mar 20 at 2:58am
    Thread: Beowulf's ban app
Post: RE: Beowulf's ban app

+1 I do think you should be unbanned. But I highly doubt you will due to the punishment sheet we have to follow and the harsher punishments for little stuff like that. May god bless Beowulf
Nekso Reviewed 17 3,306 22 Mar 20 at 5:04pm
    Thread: I changed my mind i want to be unbanned and never rdm again
Post: RE: I changed my mind i want to be unbanned and ne...

If you got banned permanently for RDM must mean you did a lot. Just because you are bored and have nothing else to do isn’t a good enough reason, to me it just means you are gonna come back and do it ...
Nekso Reviewed 7 1,422 29 Mar 20 at 8:31pm
    Thread: Suggestion for Map
Post: RE: Suggestion for Map

+1 I love you Rauber but map kinda doo doo
Nekso Reviewed 14 2,629 31 Mar 20 at 9:02pm