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    Thread: Add a TK system to SU
Post: Add a TK system to SU

FULL RP Name(s): A: OVA FOXTROT ATO OfC-III Ace, SU C-R LCPL Ace, OSE SENTINEL 4556 Discord Username: A: [DEFN] Nekso#8384 Steam ID: A: STEAM_0:0:104917769 Workshop Link: (If applicable) A: N/A Wh...
Nekso Reviewed 6 1,277 12 Apr 20 at 7:45pm
    Thread: Add Kill Counters Back To Weapons
Post: Add Kill Counters Back To Weapons

FULL RP Name(s): A: Lambda Assassin Ace, SU SSGT Ace, OTA RANGER SqL Ace Discord Username: A: Nekso#8348 Steam ID: A: STEAM_0:0:104917769 Workshop Link: (If applicable) A: N/A What is your suggest...
Nekso Reviewed 10 1,763 25 May 20 at 4:36am
    Thread: I Want To Die/Ace's Staff Application
Post: I Want To Die/Ace's Staff Application

FULL RP Name(s): OVA FOXTROT ATO OfC-I Ace/Crimson SNP PFC TR Ace/S.R.R. Trainee Acere Discord Username:Yeetus#8348 Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:104917769 What region/timezone are you located in? EST (Easter...
Nekso Accepted 7 1,794 16 Dec 19 at 8:30pm
    Thread: A laundry list of map changes (I'm serious with this one guys)
Post: RE: A laundry list of map changes (I'm serious wit...

Sentinel and Deutsch are working on the aesthetic to make it more HL2 theme and the water is supposed to hurt you because your reaching the map borders and why would you want to go in the water anyway...
Nekso Reviewed 9 1,352 14 Jun 20 at 6:09am
    Thread: A Serious Question
Post: RE: A Serious Question

Yea uh MPF CO’s have a role and tryouts are pretty consistent and you can always get a private tryout from a CO isn’t that hard tbh
Nekso General 15 3,193 26 Jan 20 at 4:19am
    Thread: Add a basic nodegraph
Post: RE: Add a basic nodegraph

+1, This is very possible but uhhh I am not sure if anything would get in the way of that. Anyways its most likely something that Sentinel and Me could do most likely.
Nekso Reviewed 10 1,150 7 Sep 20 at 9:03pm
    Thread: Add back the Cremator and TIU units.
Post: RE: Add back the Cremator and TIU units.

-1 Engies and Grids already have flamethrowers, We already have incendiary grenades don't need another AOE grenade, Beefed up flamethrower units with gas grenades sounds annoying as hell, IMO i'm not ...
Nekso Reviewed 15 925 10 Jun 21 at 9:09am
    Thread: Add Barnacles to the Map
Post: RE: Add Barnacles to the Map

Cool idea I guess but HIGHLY doubt that this would ever be added because server optimization for lag is sentinels like number one priority
Nekso Reviewed 13 2,501 10 Apr 20 at 2:25am
    Thread: Add Mainstreet to Map Pool
Post: RE: Add Mainstreet to Map Pool

Mainstreet was removed due to a big bug with vehicles. Vehicles would randomly just fall into the ground for no reason, if I remember correctly and I believe thats why sentinel removed it.
Nekso Reviewed 11 777 19 Mar 21 at 7:25am
    Thread: Add Smart Snap
Post: RE: Add Smart Snap

+1 Anything that is very easy to add and can help Grids/Engies and GM's always sounds like a good idea.
Nekso Reviewed 13 2,331 9 Apr 20 at 12:24pm
    Thread: Add Unbreakable Tool for GMS
Post: RE: Add Unbreakable Tool for GMS

+1 would be a very helpful tool for game masters and shouldn’t be too hard to code
Nekso Reviewed 11 1,779 3 Feb 20 at 2:35am
    Thread: Autos Unban Appeal
Post: RE: Autos Unban Appeal

+1 I like the resolve paragraph I think you deserve another chance
Nekso Reviewed 12 2,869 10 Feb 20 at 9:41pm
    Thread: Ban appeal McGraveDigger
Post: RE: Ban appeal McGraveDigger

-1 I've played against you numerous times and it just seems you know where the fuck everyone is. I even watched you as I played Mace you turned a corner and immediantly knew where the rebel was. Unles...
Nekso Reviewed 18 1,886 29 Sep 20 at 12:56pm
    Thread: Beowulf's ban app
Post: RE: Beowulf's ban app

+1 I do think you should be unbanned. But I highly doubt you will due to the punishment sheet we have to follow and the harsher punishments for little stuff like that. May god bless Beowulf
Nekso Reviewed 17 3,107 22 Mar 20 at 5:04pm
    Thread: Blacagaaras Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Blacagaaras Ban Appeal

I am pretty sure I banned you for MRDM I will ask one do the HAs to check to see if I banned you and chcdkc the logs to see if you did MRDM
Nekso Reviewed 4 1,071 4 Mar 20 at 12:35am
    Thread: Blue's staff app
Post: RE: Blue's staff app

-1 You have a lot of grammar errors, I recommend going back through your answers to view them and to maybe put some more thought into them and put more detail. If you do fix these, I will be sure to ...
Nekso Denied 5 1,275 3 Jan 20 at 3:54am
    Thread: Bring Back B Point
Post: RE: Bring Back B Point

FULL RP Name(s): A: Discord Username: A: Steam ID: A: Workshop Link: (If applicable) A: What is your suggestion? A: How would this benefit the server? A: You should use the format and try again
Nekso Reviewed 2 477 31 Jan 21 at 8:52pm
    Thread: Bring back neck snap
Post: RE: Bring back neck snap

+1 i never used it but it sounds cool and I don’t think bringing it back will hurt anything.
Nekso Reviewed 34 4,396 29 Jun 20 at 7:42pm
    Thread: Bring him back
Post: RE: Bring him back

Also can cause a shit load of lag
Nekso Reviewed 9 1,884 22 May 20 at 3:51pm
    Thread: Buff the Vortigaunts
Post: RE: Buff the Vortigaunts

+1 I would like Cory to be used more and not just a meme class Vort* lmao imagine typing on a phone
Nekso Reviewed 13 2,181 17 Mar 20 at 2:58am