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    Thread: Outlaw Anime
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nah bro castleton you are cringe you are so getting demoted to ofc 1.2
Nekso Reviewed 36 6,946 5 Jan 20 at 10:03am
    Thread: New Weapon Shop Additions
Post: RE: New Weapon Shop Additions

-1, I like new guns and stuff, but they don't fit the era so yeah its a no from me.
Nekso Reviewed 51 6,350 28 Jun 20 at 9:26am
    Thread: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp
Post: RE: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp

-1 in my whole experience with OVA the rocket launchers have been fine. Yes the BH is slow but makes up with its impressive weapons and higher HP value if you can learn how to fly that vehicle properl...
Nekso Reviewed 37 6,146 16 Feb 20 at 6:55pm
    Thread: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp
Post: RE: Nerf Ballista OR Buff BH-HC hp

Well the BH is 16k if I last remembered so that means it takes 4 rockets to die and sometimes 3 depending on the amount of gun fire you are getting. If ballista are constantly spawning on a point just...
Nekso Reviewed 37 6,146 17 Feb 20 at 3:21am
    Thread: whats good
Post: RE: whats good

Show us your feet
Nekso Introductions 33 5,035 20 May 20 at 12:15am
    Thread: Invisible walls
Post: RE: Invisible walls

+1 Extremely easy thing to do. But I don’t think Rauber is gonna do it who knows tho
Nekso Reviewed 32 4,743 5 Apr 20 at 12:56pm
    Thread: Invisible walls
Post: RE: Invisible walls

You could open up certain rooftops and leave ones that completely provide an unfair advantage closed so that maybe one side has a few open that can provide and advantage and that the other side has th...
Nekso Reviewed 32 4,743 9 Apr 20 at 4:52pm
    Thread: Bring back neck snap
Post: RE: Bring back neck snap

+1 i never used it but it sounds cool and I don’t think bringing it back will hurt anything.
Nekso Reviewed 34 4,397 29 Jun 20 at 7:42pm
    Thread: Sakra´s Staff Application!
Post: RE: Sakra´s Staff Application!

+1, I don't play rebel a lot so I don't know too much about you. But, from what I have heard and from your application you seem like a generally chill guy and your application shows that you know what...
Nekso Accepted 6 4,179 24 Dec 19 at 11:07pm
    Thread: Nerf RPG
Post: RE: Nerf RPG

+1 Rockets fuck everything up and using it against infantry is insane
Nekso Reviewed 21 3,966 21 Apr 20 at 2:45pm
    Thread: Give LVET Marksmen Climbswep.
Post: RE: Give LVET Marksmen Climbswep.

-1 I know the devs aren't gonna give climbswep to LVET Marksman anyways. But in my opinion SU already counters Cross and Mace and we don't need another class to have climb swep tbh. You would also nee...
Nekso Reviewed 28 3,962 3 Apr 20 at 5:53am
    Thread: Give LVET Marksmen Climbswep.
Post: RE: Give LVET Marksmen Climbswep.

Just because you know how rude climb aww doesn’t mean everyone else does, Prismo. To use* Fuck dude typing on a phone he so hard
Nekso Reviewed 28 3,962 3 Apr 20 at 9:58am
    Thread: Wipe the UNION 09 Nickname Database periodically
Post: RE: Wipe the UNION 09 Nickname Database periodical...

+1 I agree but if you are training recruits tell them to do stuff like this Ex. MPF Union 09 4223, MPF UNION O9 6654, MPF UnioN 09 1143, etc. basically just make some letters capital or not and you wi...
Nekso Reviewed 22 3,891 14 Apr 20 at 10:37am
    Thread: Falcon and Ka-29: New Transport Vehicles
Post: RE: Falcon and Ka-29: New Transport Vehicles

+1 Rebels current TC has literally no weapons and nothing to defend/protect itself. And with the VTOL its pure ass and is horrible at transporting troops (I.E why we call it the "TK Machine") I really...
Nekso Reviewed 19 3,804 18 Dec 19 at 6:07pm
    Thread: Strider Main gun Rework
Post: RE: Strider Main gun Rework

+1 Jiggy Jiggy I am very fucking late and I know Sentinel is already working on it but it needs to happen
Nekso Reviewed 17 3,457 20 Jan 20 at 2:43am
    Thread: Justice for Kobii
Post: RE: Justice for Kobii

sentinel got a whole ass 1800 shoe collection trust me
Nekso General 39 3,438 22 Oct 20 at 6:41pm
    Thread: Eduardo's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Eduardo's Ban Appeal

You were banned for possible wallhacks and bhop scripting. If you can show some actual proof that be pretty cool tho ngl. I would put the proof here but idk if I am allowed to soo.. i'll just let Vexe...
Nekso Reviewed 19 3,426 14 Jun 20 at 7:25pm
    Thread: Phalanx's Staff Application
Post: RE: Phalanx's Staff Application

+1, honestly I think you would probably make good staff and if your plan resignation goes like it does and you become a lot more active. you could turn out pretty good.
Nekso Accepted 19 3,337 3 Feb 20 at 2:40am
    Thread: A Serious Question
Post: RE: A Serious Question

Yea uh MPF CO’s have a role and tryouts are pretty consistent and you can always get a private tryout from a CO isn’t that hard tbh
Nekso General 15 3,193 26 Jan 20 at 4:19am
    Thread: Forum Report
Post: RE: Forum Report

He will probably get a warn for RDM/Metagame I will alert the HA’s about this.
Nekso Reviewed 15 3,149 23 Apr 20 at 1:46am