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    Thread: Sky's Staff Application
Post: RE: Sky's Staff Application

+1 Good reference and application We arent moat so we act different rather than their staffs
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Accepted 12 4,692 25 May 19 at 11:37am
    Thread: Iron's Staff Application
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+1 Combine biased
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Accepted 8 4,553 25 May 19 at 11:32am
    Thread: Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Ban Appeal

[Image: https://nextshark-vxdsockgvw3ki.stackpat...68x409.jpg] Same shit with furry But anyways, this appeal is petty dead as my love 4 her Staff only may respond this x'D
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Reviewed 11 5,432 12 May 19 at 10:34pm
    Thread: very important
Post: RE: very important

[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Introductions 2 2,325 12 May 19 at 8:06pm
    Thread: Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Ban Appeal

A year ago, it was like 6/8 months ago not a year. Also, you used alt-accounts for evading a punishment, and broke the rules with both accounts. You joined the forums again, shitposted with a minge ...
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Reviewed 11 5,432 12 May 19 at 8:05pm
    Thread: MASTERPIECE's Suggestion
Post: RE: MASTERPIECE's Suggestion

Sent is working into a new map, check dev-updates at discord. [Image:]
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Reviewed 11 4,796 11 May 19 at 5:40pm
    Thread: Moonpie's recommendation.
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█▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Reviewed 9 3,700 11 May 19 at 11:36am
    Thread: Bepis's Staff Application
Post: RE: Bepis's Staff Application

+1 You are a bit new for this but well... its a detailed application very well made
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Accepted 8 5,359 10 May 19 at 12:54am
    Thread: deepblue's Application
Post: RE: deepblue's Application

+1 he knows a lot and decent app
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Accepted 5 2,473 10 May 19 at 12:53am
    Thread: Chamo's Staff Application
Post: RE: Chamo's Staff Application

-1 Detail pls
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Denied 6 3,394 10 May 19 at 12:52am
    Thread: Purple's staff application
Post: RE: Purple's staff application

+1 vort aimbot and nice app
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Accepted 7 3,239 10 May 19 at 12:51am
    Thread: Audax's Staff Application
Post: RE: Audax's Staff Application

+1 nice player, active, decent app totally not Combine biased
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Accepted 5 3,298 10 May 19 at 12:50am
    Thread: Basios staff application
Post: RE: Basios staff application

So, you applied for staff after exploiting server mechanics and before breaking the rules twice? [Image:] -1 faggot, you should be perma'ed
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Denied 4 3,203 10 May 19 at 12:34am
    Thread: Hardway245's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Hardway245's Ban Appeal

After viewing the evidence and what you did. Well it seems you must be banned for more time. -1 And if it wasnt you. Your account is your issue.
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Reviewed 4 2,719 7 May 19 at 3:30pm
    Thread: Hardway245's Application
Post: RE: Hardway245's Application

-1 Short and undetailed app
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Denied 5 2,959 5 May 19 at 2:49pm
    Thread: DeToXic's Staff Application
Post: RE: DeToXic's Staff Application

I just gonna give you a -1 because you modified the sheet and my eyes hurt a lot. Im not gonna to read that bro
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Denied 8 3,729 5 May 19 at 2:47pm
    Thread: Sombra's super duper epic staff application
Post: RE: Sombra's super duper epic staff application

-1 Lack of details and missing info from the sheet. [Image:]
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Denied 4 2,904 5 May 19 at 2:44pm
    Thread: Ban Appeal.
Post: RE: Ban Appeal.

[Image:] Facts: You should be permabanned by that -1
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Reviewed 8 4,020 5 May 19 at 2:39pm
    Thread: Umbra's Staff application
Post: RE: Umbra's Staff application

-1 Lack of information + why you are warned?
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Denied 6 3,830 3 May 19 at 2:00pm
    Thread: Bison's Staff Application
Post: RE: Bison's Staff Application

+1 Experienced and no complains about him since idk months?, has the big gay and likes spaghet
[DEFN] Swaka Xaleya Accepted 12 5,262 27 Apr 19 at 7:05am