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    Thread: OSE Suggestion
Post: RE: OSE Suggestion

Or Or. Makle the gun they have actually viable its the slowest AR on the server, that shit should def feel like it does some fire ass sex damage
Rotten Suggestions & Bug Reports 5 635 19 Nov 22 at 12:43am
    Thread: Just Disable It
Post: RE: Just Disable It

(2 Nov 22 at 3:38am)Destitute the :dab: Wrote: I recall a period where people had difficulty rescuing captives due to friendly fire being disabled which was one of the factors in it's reintroduction...
Rotten Suggestions & Bug Reports 30 1,699 2 Nov 22 at 11:23am
    Thread: Assassin Return-To-Spawn Removal
Post: RE: Assassin Return-To-Spawn Removal

+1 i used to disagree with this because it was the only thing that Assassin had going for them but in terms of gameplay wise. the whole send-back thing was a pretty bleh idea in the first place. I f...
Rotten Reviewed 31 2,218 15 Sep 22 at 9:03pm
    Thread: Stop LA/EOWA from forcing you to respawn at HQ
Post: RE: Stop LA/EOWA from forcing you to respawn at HQ

-1 it's literally the only thing they have that makes them a worthy pushback class
Rotten Reviewed 36 2,857 8 Aug 22 at 1:15pm
    Thread: TTK as a whole (not just snipers this time)
Post: RE: TTK as a whole (not just snipers this time)

+1 New update has made any class without a Long range weapon or shotgun at a disadvantage. my main gun does around 35 damage with the 1 damage attachment it does 37 it takes almost an entire mag to ki...
Rotten Reviewed 7 929 7 Aug 22 at 9:35pm
    Thread: Maps & Map "Rotation"
Post: RE: Maps & Map "Rotation"

+1 the rotation is lackluster as is rn I feel like adding some classic maps and some new random maps could really motivate more playtime for certain players My personal suggestion is bring back the ...
Rotten Reviewed 6 494 6 Aug 22 at 8:22pm
    Thread: Climbswep Launching / Bhopping
Post: RE: Climbswep Launching / Bhopping

+1 to allowing bhop / removing the BHOP rule entirely -1 to CSWEP Launcher Bunnyhop has a negative when doing it now instead of it being a rule just keep the double damage while jumping a thing CSWE...
Rotten Reviewed 23 6,503 22 Feb 21 at 10:01pm
    Thread: CvR Boomershit Thread
Post: RE: CvR Boomershit Thread

Back when Hackl was EOW DvL Canals was a prominent map used in the map pool Warface weaponry Defn_main had no snow, middle town was open
Rotten General Discussion 71 19,144 27 Aug 20 at 12:42pm