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    Thread: Etzil's GM App
Post: RE: Etzil's GM App

+1 known terrorist and war criminal
david schwimmer Accepted 9 833 1 May 22 at 5:43pm
    Thread: Sanders staff application
Post: RE: Sanders staff application

+1 his chicken is mid but staff app good
david schwimmer Accepted 8 857 27 Apr 22 at 10:59pm
    Thread: standardize speed perks
Post: RE: standardize speed perks

+1 so recon pfc shitass doesn't break the hitboxes
david schwimmer Reviewed 5 843 28 Mar 22 at 3:31pm
    Thread: Resources lost
Post: RE: Resources lost

-spawn -die to a hc 3 seconds after spawning -lose 1 titanium
david schwimmer Reviewed 15 2,067 2 Feb 22 at 1:32am
    Thread: What's the formula for exp required per LV?
Post: RE: What's the formula for exp required per LV?

david schwimmer General Discussion 12 1,871 8 Jan 22 at 2:58pm
    Thread: Civilian / Anarchist Suggestion
Post: RE: Civilian / Anarchist Suggestion

^ i agree with nerd
david schwimmer Suggestions & Bug Reports 7 1,413 6 Jan 22 at 8:25pm
    Thread: Zuly's Staff Application.
Post: RE: Zuly's Staff Application.

+1 first, i'll start recording
david schwimmer Accepted 10 1,567 6 Jan 22 at 5:48pm
    Thread: Remove point decay.
Post: RE: Remove point decay.

+1 please kill it
david schwimmer Reviewed 12 1,736 31 Dec 21 at 8:30pm
    Thread: weapon vouchers no worky on anarchist
Post: RE: weapon vouchers no worky on anarchist

they should fix it being consumed and giving you nothing next time just go for the wep lockers
david schwimmer Suggestions & Bug Reports 7 819 29 Dec 21 at 8:00pm
    Thread: Bring back old shields?
Post: RE: Bring back old shields?

-1 new shield has lots of counters and teamwork can easily outplay someone with a shield
david schwimmer Reviewed 14 1,528 29 Dec 21 at 2:39pm

-1 he got mad because me and hangman were playing as swords we were actually using teamwork B)
david schwimmer Reviewed 13 1,645 16 Dec 21 at 10:10pm
    Thread: Thoughts on Point Decay?
Post: RE: Thoughts on Point Decay?

+1 YES
david schwimmer General 3 833 5 Dec 21 at 10:46pm
    Thread: Cuff Hit Reg: Inconsistent and Unfun.
Post: RE: Cuff Hit Reg: Inconsistent and Unfun.

+1 joined jury walked up right behind someone held m1 for about 4 seconds without them noticing me i get killed because cuff hitreg didn't work left jury
david schwimmer Reviewed 14 2,507 4 Dec 21 at 7:32pm