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    Thread: Shellac/Weilers Staff Application
Post: Shellac/Weilers Staff Application

Putting my answers in blue so they are easy to differentiate between the question and answer. If it's a problem let me know. FULL RP Name(s): Head Engineer Weiler E2 Engineering Specialist Weiler Wh...
Shellac Accepted 7 2,579 8 Jun 20 at 2:21pm
    Thread: Ban Appeal Jared Follows
Post: RE: Ban Appeal Jared Follows

He does not hack.
Shellac Reviewed 27 9,322 2 Jul 19 at 12:11pm
    Thread: Stalk's Ban Apeal
Post: RE: Stalk's Ban Apeal

-1 <3
Shellac Reviewed 19 8,384 4 Jun 19 at 4:16am
    Thread: GAME: 3 word story
Post: RE: GAME: 3 word story

guacamole nigga penis
Shellac General Discussion 57 20,864 2 Jun 19 at 9:45pm
    Thread: Ban Appeal by Prismo.
Post: RE: Ban Appeal by Prismo.

He seems to be fighting for his innocence pretty hastily, I don't think he deserved the ban honestly. Up to you dudes though.
Shellac Reviewed 24 9,824 2 Jun 19 at 9:38pm
    Thread: Sky's Staff Application
Post: RE: Sky's Staff Application

I big like, you seem professional. +1
Shellac Accepted 12 4,692 2 Jun 19 at 9:36pm
    Thread: Acey's Staff app
Post: RE: Acey's Staff app

-1 Never seen you before
Shellac Denied 7 2,936 2 Jun 19 at 9:35pm
    Thread: DeToXic's Staff Application 2.0
Post: RE: DeToXic's Staff Application 2.0

+1 I see nothing wrong with the application.
Shellac Accepted 6 2,763 2 Jun 19 at 9:34pm
    Thread: Moonpie's recommendation.
Post: RE: Moonpie's recommendation.

█▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀ +1
Shellac Reviewed 9 3,700 11 May 19 at 12:16pm
    Thread: Bepis's Staff Application
Post: RE: Bepis's Staff Application

+1 Nice application, but sadly never met you. Contact me sometime :p
Shellac Accepted 8 5,358 11 May 19 at 12:12pm
    Thread: Hardway245's Application
Post: RE: Hardway245's Application

-1 Try again later my dude! Play a little bit more and maybe we'll accept you into our ranks.
Shellac Denied 5 2,959 5 May 19 at 9:21pm
    Thread: DeToXic's Staff Application
Post: RE: DeToXic's Staff Application

+1 I see potential in the guy, his name seems familiar.
Shellac Denied 8 3,729 5 May 19 at 9:20pm
    Thread: Sombra's super duper epic staff application
Post: RE: Sombra's super duper epic staff application

I love you sombra (No homo I think), but put more detail in your application XP
Shellac Denied 4 2,904 5 May 19 at 9:17pm
    Thread: Purple's staff application
Post: RE: Purple's staff application

+1 I see this guy on a TON! He keeps calm in situations, and overall seems like a cool dude.
Shellac Accepted 7 3,239 5 May 19 at 9:16pm
    Thread: Umbra's Staff application
Post: RE: Umbra's Staff application

-1 For lack of information, if you put a bit more it would make me rethink this.
Shellac Denied 6 3,830 5 May 19 at 9:15pm
    Thread: Ban Appeal.
Post: RE: Ban Appeal.

After looking at the logs, it seems like he accidentally ended up under the map due to the prop. His staff tickets weren't found, but his ban shouldn't be completely wiped off. A reduce would do fine,...
Shellac Reviewed 8 4,020 5 May 19 at 2:42pm
    Thread: Image
Post: Image

[Image:]I Really Really Really Like This Image
Shellac Media 3 2,805 24 Apr 19 at 10:36pm