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    Thread: Mapely's/athena/Sarah staff Application
Post: RE: Mapely's/athena/Sarah staff Application

+1 Active on the server, detailed responses, good formatting, and overall positive atmosphere! I look forward to working with ya
Canadian Accepted 12 813 4 Nov 21 at 10:34am
    Thread: Graycat's Staff App
Post: RE: Graycat's Staff App

+1 You’re kinda gay, but you’ve got a good staff app and a good reputation
Canadian Accepted 15 1,392 30 Aug 21 at 4:23pm
    Thread: Joe
Post: RE: Joe

HI JOE!!!!!!!!!!
Canadian General 10 1,127 23 Jun 21 at 3:02pm
    Thread: Raggy's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Raggy's Ban Appeal

-1 You might as well just wait it out. I don’t really believe your story but you’re lucky to only get a whole week of punishment. Usually exploiting is a permanent ban I believe. So take an LOA and ch...
Canadian Reviewed 16 1,801 16 Jun 21 at 9:41pm
    Thread: floppa bot
Post: RE: floppa bot

+1 floppa!
Canadian General 10 1,429 10 May 21 at 12:52pm
    Thread: Ban Appeal for rxsm / r$w
Post: RE: Ban Appeal for rxsm / r$w

One of the staff members (or probably me) can take a look on your ban and see the reasons. If you've been banned for cheating, then I'm afraid there's nothing else to do. Ban appeals are for unjust ba...
Canadian Reviewed 15 3,278 10 May 21 at 12:51pm
    Thread: Banana's Staff Application
Post: RE: Banana's Staff Application

(9 May 21 at 2:51am)Woorj07 Wrote: "I've been in this community for several years." DEFN wasn't even up several years ago, where did you get this info? sure
Canadian Accepted 19 2,418 9 May 21 at 12:51pm
    Thread: Next Game Server: WW3
Post: RE: Next Game Server: WW3

definitive networks trash compactor please
Canadian General 13 1,258 9 May 21 at 12:27pm
    Thread: ooga stafaf ap
Post: RE: ooga stafaf ap

+1 mint what the fuck Your app looks good and you seem like a really chill person to work with. There’s gonna be a lot to learn but we can sort those out soon. Can’t wait to see you duty!
Canadian Accepted 31 4,235 25 Apr 21 at 2:37am
    Thread: Warn
Post: RE: Warn

-1 You grenaded DB and a tryout. Just those two things alone should have no good reason whatsoever. Saying an RU TR granted you doesn’t help your case either. Having the power to access such loadouts ...
Canadian Reviewed 16 2,214 25 Apr 21 at 2:34am
    Thread: Regulars Staff Appl.
Post: RE: Regulars Staff Appl.

Your answers are a little iffy and the format should probably change. You certainly have the potential to be staff, so I'd be more than happy if you remade this application, but for now I'll sit on ne...
Canadian Accepted 12 2,292 6 Apr 21 at 12:21pm
    Thread: PeaPeas epic staff application
Post: RE: PeaPeas epic staff application

+1 I don't know tons about you but I'm curious as to how you'll work in staff! Your app is formatted perfectly and you've got nice responses. Good luck!
Canadian Accepted 11 1,767 31 Mar 21 at 12:11pm
    Thread: Echo’s Staff App V2
Post: RE: Echo’s Staff App V2

+1 the app is a little weird I'm gonna be honest, but I know that you've got a lot of experience being staff and you did a great job as one. Good luck!
Canadian Accepted 15 5,621 31 Mar 21 at 12:08pm
    Thread: fives' supreme leader and savior of the world staff application
Post: RE: fives' supreme leader and savior of the world ...

-1 Eh, your app could use some more work. Could've at least made it easier to read, if you fix up your responses and formats then maybe I'll consider giving a better rating.
Canadian Denied 13 2,051 15 Feb 21 at 3:33am
    Thread: mint julep's staff application
Post: RE: mint julep's staff application

+1 oh boy comic sans is a real eyesore, jokes aside I think you'll be a great staff member! You're fairly active and you've got tons of experience from staffing (so I've heard). Good luck!
Canadian Accepted 8 1,305 13 Feb 21 at 9:59pm
    Thread: Viking's Staff Application.
Post: RE: Viking's Staff Application.

+1 Your app is well formatted (though the blue color can make it hard for some people to read!), but I've no complaints otherwise. You're a pretty chill person on the server too, I'll vouch for you! G...
Canadian Denied 8 1,564 19 Jan 21 at 2:58am
    Thread: Berd Staff App
Post: RE: Berd Staff App

-1-1-1-11-1-1-1-1- how can we abuse you if you become staff????!!! grrr!!
Canadian General 20 2,318 18 Dec 20 at 2:24am
    Thread: Schizm's Staff application
Post: RE: Schizm's Staff application

+1 A really chill minded person and can act under pressure. He would make a great addition to staff and we can use all the help we can get. I believe in you! Good luck!
Canadian Accepted 11 1,670 18 Dec 20 at 1:45am
    Thread: Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Ban Appeal The blacklist was indeed logged.
Canadian Reviewed 7 2,294 27 Nov 20 at 10:43pm
    Thread: Scott's Staff App
Post: RE: Scott's Staff App

+1 You're a really chill person to hang out with and I think you'd be a great addition to the staff team. Good luck Scott!
Canadian Accepted 11 1,922 19 Nov 20 at 9:16pm