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    Thread: Fox's Staff Application
Post: RE: Fox's Staff Application

:D ACCPETED                   Please Contact a HA for your interview                                                       EU HA : Zyer (zyer#2339)|Raven(Raven.#9984)                           NA HA ...
Hollow Accepted 5 251 14 Aug 22 at 10:13pm
    Thread: Serious Staff App ong.
Post: RE: Serious Staff App ong.

+1 Concise Answers, lovely personality, by far a good person i’ve seen so far. Love chad, only scary thing is this would be like ALL of FH COs wouldn’t it? D:
Hollow Accepted 11 342 8 Aug 22 at 7:37pm
    Thread: Stop LA/EOWA from forcing you to respawn at HQ
Post: RE: Stop LA/EOWA from forcing you to respawn at HQ

-1 As of what Rotten and Ghost has said ofc any other ideas for a alternative except for sending you back to base would be cool, like only being spawn-able on points near your base
Hollow Suggestions & Bug Reports 21 778 8 Aug 22 at 1:24pm
    Thread: Ibonar's Gamemaster Application
Post: RE: Ibonar's Gamemaster Application

+1 Very clear and concise answers, the 1st event gave me a bit of a chuckle but is very thought out so as the rest and you have an clear understanding of ULX commands. :D get ‘‘em in
Hollow Game Master Applications 4 141 8 Aug 22 at 12:14pm
    Thread: Server's New Age and Glint...
Post: RE: Server's New Age and Glint...

-1 removing glint will make the bad thoughts come
Hollow Suggestions & Bug Reports 18 885 25 Jul 22 at 9:55am
    Thread: Jaz's Staff Application.
Post: RE: Jaz's Staff Application.

+1 from me, Clear and Concise answers and seen some amazing activity from you on my end so amazing :DD
Hollow Accepted 5 392 21 Jul 22 at 8:34am
    Thread: Cerritulus's Ban Appeal!
Post: RE: Cerritulus's Ban Appeal!

Neutral leaning toward -1 From me, Going over the original post and most of your comments I understand your points but I’m sorry to say this but MRDM is MRDM. And I also apologize for not having the f...
Hollow Reviewed 21 1,291 17 Jul 22 at 9:12pm
    Thread: GRID is a dying division and it needs help
Post: RE: GRID is a dying division and it needs help

Going through this, during my time on the server I have yet to see any grid co’s or much of any tryouts. Grid needs the help it deserves
Hollow General Discussion 23 1,269 20 Jun 22 at 3:53pm
    Thread: Hollow Introduction
Post: Hollow Introduction

Hi, my in-game name derives from my maiden name and I love medic due to my family history of Doctors and Nurses. Im 17 that is all
Hollow Introductions 2 316 15 May 22 at 10:16pm
    Thread: funny medic staff app
Post: RE: funny medic staff app

yes happy birthday as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hollow Accepted 9 806 7 May 22 at 4:12pm
    Thread: funny medic staff app
Post: RE: funny medic staff app

+!!!!!!!! from me ofc, he has been a good mentor ever since my rise into being an CO, Has treated GB like family, and is active :D. ngl been waiting on this for a while. get him iN!
Hollow Accepted 9 806 7 May 22 at 11:33am
    Thread: Sanders staff application
Post: RE: Sanders staff application

+1 This man has been here for as long as i’ve seen since i’ve became captain, Active and Still standing
Hollow Accepted 8 747 28 Apr 22 at 7:29am
    Thread: Cocodrilo's Staff Application
Post: RE: Cocodrilo's Staff Application

GRRRRR shoulda put me in vouch >:D, +1 from me ofc (def not biased) he is active and formatting is beyond amazing i’ve seen
Hollow Accepted 9 672 27 Apr 22 at 6:40pm
    Thread: Vexeer's Staff Application 2: Electric Boogaloo
Post: RE: Vexeer's Staff Application 2: Electric Boogalo...

+1 reclaim your throne
Hollow Accepted 12 1,190 26 Apr 22 at 9:27am
    Thread: Bee staff application
Post: RE: Bee staff application

+1 :DDDD active and an chill guy would very much recommend this nerd !!!!!
Hollow Accepted 17 1,088 22 Apr 22 at 7:29pm
    Thread: Ballistics GM Application
Post: RE: Ballistics GM Application

+1 Truly a great guy to conversate with him, time with him has never been a shallow one His app is GREAT! overrall a good person to put on the team! :D
Hollow Accepted 7 701 10 Mar 22 at 10:44am
    Thread: Hollow Staff Application
Post: RE: Hollow Staff Application

I tried editing like the new division i joined and it messed up coloring for steamID and discord. Apologies for the slight inconvenience.
Hollow Accepted 16 1,620 6 Mar 22 at 6:41pm
    Thread: Hollow Staff Application
Post: Hollow Staff Application

FULL RP Name(s): Medic Captain Hollow, RES WB PVT Hollow, MPF HELIX A5 06 40110, CWU R&M-T5-C Hollow What is your current IG level? Level 112 Discord Username: ahollow74#3412 [Steam ID: STEAM_...
Hollow Accepted 16 1,620 26 Feb 22 at 6:48pm