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    Thread: It's approaching run run run run
Post: RE: It's approaching run run run run

we need it
OverGroth Reviewed 20 3,347 7 Sep 21 at 6:20am
    Thread: It's approaching run run run run
Post: RE: It's approaching run run run run

it approaches! this is a must have on Halloween +1
OverGroth Reviewed 20 3,347 30 Aug 21 at 7:02pm
    Thread: ooga gm app
Post: RE: ooga gm app

that is a sick clip tho goddamn
OverGroth General Discussion 11 1,638 30 Jul 21 at 8:19am
    Thread: Double XP weekends and Wednesdays
Post: RE: Double XP weekends and Wednesdays

+1 great idea, make it happen
OverGroth Reviewed 12 1,735 15 Jul 21 at 12:48pm
    Thread: Niko's Staff App
Post: RE: Niko's Staff App

(8 Jun 21 at 11:06am)Valiant Wrote: APPLY FOR STAFF OH MY GOD!!!! why don't you apply for staff?
OverGroth Off Topic 13 1,693 8 Jun 21 at 1:55pm
    Thread: Chieftan's Staff App
Post: RE: Chieftan's Staff App

OverGroth General Discussion 19 2,721 7 Jun 21 at 3:15pm
    Thread: Fix player count bot please
Post: RE: Fix player count bot please

OverGroth General Discussion 18 3,356 29 May 21 at 4:45am
    Thread: Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Ban Appeal

(4 May 21 at 11:04am)Valiant Wrote: Coach was a guy who got CO locked a long while ago with Adrian, I don't blame you for not knowing who he is. +1, It's an unfair ban, not only did he not know who ...
OverGroth Reviewed 8 1,786 4 May 21 at 11:53am
    Thread: Rename Credits to Sentibucks
Post: RE: Rename Credits to Sentibucks

+1 we all know the currency in half-life 2 is called sentibucks
OverGroth Reviewed 6 1,720 4 May 21 at 6:36am
    Thread: Add the Radio to Anarchist
Post: RE: Add the Radio to Anarchist

+1 dababy radio anarchist edition
OverGroth Reviewed 14 2,774 17 Apr 21 at 3:16am
    Thread: Radio Suggestion
Post: RE: Radio Suggestion

+1 best suggestion i've heard in a while stop being useful ooga
OverGroth Reviewed 13 1,888 2 Apr 21 at 5:40pm

+1, i 100% agree with this
OverGroth Reviewed 11 2,523 26 Mar 21 at 6:22am
    Thread: The Next Logical Step after the ELIMINATION of femboys
Post: RE: The Next Logical Step after the ELIMINATION of...

(22 Mar 21 at 3:20am)Your Berdest Fren Wrote: so we got rid of the Femboys but not Canadian bruhCanadian is less of a femboy than you
OverGroth General Discussion 16 2,526 22 Mar 21 at 9:44am
    Thread: mpf union/sub units
Post: RE: mpf union/sub units

(25 Feb 21 at 2:49am)tea Wrote: do they have drip? Unlike RF Fighters, they do not!1! 1!1!!1
OverGroth Off Topic 7 1,533 25 Feb 21 at 5:34pm
    Thread: Question
Post: RE: Question

(22 Feb 21 at 3:06am)Game Boy Wrote: Why is it called an oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food Because it sounds like Ov-In, but you Ov-In cold food and not Ov-In hot food
OverGroth Off Topic 9 1,653 22 Feb 21 at 7:41am
    Thread: Consul's GM Application
Post: RE: Consul's GM Application

+1 the answers are good, event ideas sound fun and you have been a GM before, i have nothing else to say for now.
OverGroth Denied 8 1,782 14 Feb 21 at 5:41am
    Thread: Vad but hes applying for staff
Post: RE: Vad but hes applying for staff

+1 Very chill man , pretty cool , nothing else that hasn't been said already , imo would be excellent as a staff member!
OverGroth Accepted 14 3,022 11 Feb 21 at 10:00am
    Thread: Boo's Ban Appeal
Post: RE: Boo's Ban Appeal

(7 Feb 21 at 5:08pm)bog bog bog man Wrote: did he get unbannedNo, boo is banned for hackering
OverGroth Off Topic 41 10,954 7 Feb 21 at 5:30pm
    Thread: EEEee
Post: RE: EEEee

OverGroth Off Topic 9 1,784 5 Feb 21 at 10:49am
    Thread: CvR Lore 2.0
Post: RE: CvR Lore 2.0

(30 Jan 21 at 3:52pm)Your Berdest Fren Wrote: (30 Jan 21 at 3:33pm)OverGroth Wrote: (3 Jan 21 at 1:53am)SSteffan Wrote: if you can't see thenopen ur eyesBerd Sucks I literally gave you PTSD afte...
OverGroth Off Topic 22 3,226 31 Jan 21 at 3:53pm