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    Thread: some new idea for units for VIP 2 for rebel and 1 for combine
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what we really need is to bring back tiu and cremator
Valiant General 20 1,022 17 Jan 23 at 9:49pm
    Thread: Ohio Q&A
Post: RE: Ohio Q&A

(29 Dec 22 at 3:38pm)[DEFN] Aithead Wrote: [Image:] It's all Ohio?!
Valiant Off Topic 28 773 29 Dec 22 at 3:43pm
    Thread: Ohio Q&A
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It's a psyop Ohio doesn't exist
Valiant Off Topic 28 773 28 Dec 22 at 10:01pm
    Thread: Model swapping on mainstreet
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+1 this has been a serious issue of mine for a while
Valiant Suggestions & Bug Reports 6 156 27 Dec 22 at 1:17pm
    Thread: Buff the Tavor
Post: RE: Buff the Tavor

+1 I don't like ghost so I'll counter his -1
Valiant Suggestions & Bug Reports 9 427 21 Dec 22 at 7:40pm
    Thread: Take Away The Stalker Map
Post: RE: Take Away The Stalker Map

I wonder how hard it'll be to make a working railway system on the map
Valiant Suggestions & Bug Reports 29 1,565 21 Dec 22 at 9:55am
    Thread: Server join Bug
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(7 Dec 22 at 3:16pm)Napkin Wrote: Discord Username: Napkin Steam ID:76561199442495925 Explain the bug: Unable to find server and or use the direct ip to join the server When did you first start expe...
Valiant Reviewed 9 534 8 Dec 22 at 5:38pm
    Thread: hello
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Valiant Introductions 20 887 28 Nov 22 at 6:02pm

(26 Nov 22 at 2:43pm)Bel1ve. Wrote: FULL RP Name(s): HVY CPL Ghost / Coomer / EOWA 04 Ghost Discord Username: Bel1ve#0001 Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:70324061 Workshop Link: (If applicable) N/A What i...
Valiant Suggestions & Bug Reports 7 518 27 Nov 22 at 12:18pm
    Thread: OSE Suggestion
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Give them a wacky ass alien gun instead
Valiant Suggestions & Bug Reports 5 640 19 Nov 22 at 12:55pm
    Thread: Lolzeta's staff app
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-1 they called me names yesterday ;((( On a real note though +1, great guy who's active and reliable, they'll be a great staff member if they get accepted
Valiant Denied 11 786 6 Nov 22 at 11:23am
    Thread: Definitive Networks
Post: Definitive Networks

Gentlemen, let's talk about something completely random
Valiant General Discussion 6 491 22 Oct 22 at 11:13pm
    Thread: Bagels Ban appeal
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(22 Oct 22 at 5:31pm)[GL] A_Normal_Bagel Tw2 Wrote: FULL RP Name(s): C2 Engineer Bagel, OTA 02 Hitman 2442 Discord Username: Normal bagel#6651 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:96853110 Who warned/banned you? ...
Valiant Reviewed 13 1,570 22 Oct 22 at 11:02pm
    Thread: im happy
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(20 Oct 22 at 1:45pm)PersikkaPete Wrote: i hit a bench pr 95 kg HELL YEAH!
Valiant General Discussion 6 453 20 Oct 22 at 5:48pm
    Thread: the great "dog behind a fence" paradox
Post: RE: the great "dog behind a fence" paradox

(19 Oct 22 at 9:15pm)Arti Wrote: HE MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE Federal agents are knocking on his fence as we speak
Valiant General Discussion 5 443 19 Oct 22 at 10:18pm
    Thread: Ping Suggestion
Post: RE: Ping Suggestion

(16 Oct 22 at 6:35pm)Void Wrote: Buddy if you're gonna make a suggestion like this at least link an addon Imma keep it real with you I was just too lazy to go looking for an addon like this, I'll ad...
Valiant Suggestions & Bug Reports 15 695 17 Oct 22 at 12:00am
    Thread: Ping Suggestion
Post: Ping Suggestion

FULL RP Name(s): A: MPF UNION B5 08 7620 / NPU SENTRY 09 6749 / HECU FH C-9 PFC Valkyria / M10 Medical Intern Valiant / RF Honorary Valiant Discord Username: A: Valkyria#6109 Steam ID: A: STEAM_0:1:...
Valiant Suggestions & Bug Reports 15 695 16 Oct 22 at 6:03pm
    Thread: cock
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CBT Swep
Valiant General Discussion 9 2,185 29 Aug 21 at 4:57pm
    Thread: Consta's funny funny Staff Application
Post: RE: Consta's funny funny Staff Application

+1 Consta is definitely one of the best officers in the server, good reputation and experience in discipline from being a CmD could be valuable for a moderator or even administrator position The appli...
Valiant Accepted 14 2,811 4 Aug 21 at 11:29pm
    Thread: Yet More New perks
Post: RE: Yet More New perks

Since a -1/neutral/+1 won't work effectively here since some of these perks I genuinely like, I'll just list what I think of them here GODLESS MONSTER - It sounds fun, maybe more something like 15% m...
Valiant Reviewed 7 1,592 1 Aug 21 at 8:59pm