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    Thread: Change the nightclub music to "Jellyfish Jam"
Post: RE: Change the nightclub music to "Jellyfish Jam"

+1 yespls
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 17 3,551 4 Jan 21 at 8:08pm
    Thread: Speedrunning Excomm From Resistance
Post: RE: Speedrunning Excomm From Resistance

just ask for an excom.
Radioactive.sw General 15 2,694 17 Dec 20 at 12:56pm
    Thread: SCAV SMG1 DMG Buff and adding attachments to the SMG1
Post: RE: SCAV SMG1 DMG Buff and adding attachments to t...

i truly believe that scav even having the shotgun in the first place is bs, i think the SMG1 should be a niche but good weapon, and no shotgun. yall already make it feel like im fighting a bonked out ...
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 12 2,465 10 Dec 20 at 1:26pm
    Thread: Permaban appeal
Post: RE: Permaban appeal

yeah mans got perma'd for being suspicious
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 108 17,869 8 Dec 20 at 11:04pm
    Thread: Permaban appeal
Post: RE: Permaban appeal

+1 rn it kinda seems like the admins have a guilty until proven innocent mindset, the evidence is lackluster and this is nowhere near enough proof for a permaban imo.
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 108 17,869 8 Dec 20 at 7:49pm
    Thread: Add female MPF models
Post: RE: Add female MPF models

i mean it makes sense lore wise, the female citizens in hl2 will say "im ready to join the combine just to get a decent meal" or somerhing which means they are allowed to join. absolutely nowhere does...
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 41 7,572 3 Dec 20 at 12:21am
    Thread: frad/yoshikage kira's GM application
Post: RE: frad/yoshikage kira's GM application

Neutral your ardor towards GM leaves much to be desired, as well as generic answers. although these answers were not wrong by any meaning, they lacked the fervor in them that typically makes a good GM...
Radioactive.sw Accepted 5 1,841 13 May 20 at 4:12pm
    Thread: SSteffans GM Application
Post: RE: SSteffans GM Application

neutral, generic app but not bad.
Radioactive.sw Denied 4 2,074 13 May 20 at 3:17am
    Thread: Dr.MEM GM App
Post: RE: Dr.MEM GM App

-0.5 app is kinda generic and short, the events other than the second one dont have a clear goal or anything defining them, the second one is very generic. all your other answers, while mostly correct...
Radioactive.sw Accepted 9 2,589 30 Apr 20 at 5:53pm
    Thread: VIP Class ideas
Post: RE: VIP Class ideas

-1 for this xen archer stuff, doesnt make sense lore wise or anything like that, but they need to give us headcrabs or something.
Radioactive.sw General Discussion 18 5,207 29 Apr 20 at 4:23pm
    Thread: Building Class Prop Repair Tool
Post: RE: Building Class Prop Repair Tool

+1 but it should have a thing similar to medkits. it cant be repaired if it has taken damage in the last 30 sec-minute
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 14 3,881 25 Apr 20 at 12:16pm
    Thread: Wipe the UNION 09 Nickname Database periodically
Post: RE: Wipe the UNION 09 Nickname Database periodical...

+1 literally best idea ive ever seen
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 22 5,860 14 Apr 20 at 12:14pm
    Thread: Archimedes GameMaster Application
Post: RE: Archimedes GameMaster Application

+1, unfamiliar with the process but he'd get the hang of it pretty quickly. you can be bit of a minge, but i'd like to say you know when to calm down. my rating is coming from me knowing you as a pers...
Radioactive.sw Accepted 10 4,039 13 Apr 20 at 6:02pm
    Thread: Pielord's GM Application, 5 times a runnin' edition
Post: RE: Pielord's GM Application, 5 times a runnin' ed...

you dare -1 the pielord? your gonna get pied anyways, big +1. fine app as expected, and after speaking with him recently he seemed like a very nice guy and I think he should be given another chance. ...
Radioactive.sw Accepted 6 2,062 4 Apr 20 at 4:42pm
    Thread: OSS Cannon Attachment
Post: RE: OSS Cannon Attachment

Honesly OSS's loadout just needs a makeover. i want melee for the meme/duels but also our gun is good, sure, but we basically have the old vort beam from outlands but it does more damage and a lil bit...
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 19 5,043 31 Mar 20 at 5:16pm
    Thread: Grid buff
Post: RE: Grid buff

-1 for everything. as grid cmd, we dont need ANY loadout changes and we're lucky that we've already gotten what we had already. we dont need the ranger shotty, but engis need the w1200. our loadout is...
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 15 4,247 2 Mar 20 at 7:07pm
    Thread: OSS Addition(s?)
Post: RE: OSS Addition(s?)

(27 Feb 20 at 6:18pm)#1 Great Wooden Dad Wrote: Its n o t needed plus lore don't matter well melee isnt really needed on every other class. melee is never seriously used in combat unless the enemy i...
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 25 6,722 28 Feb 20 at 6:06pm
    Thread: OSS Addition(s?)
Post: RE: OSS Addition(s?)

+1 as an OSS player, i hate when i am challenged to a melee fight by an EOD or something then i just gotta say "sorry bro aint got melee." this whole melee thing may be dismissed as a meme, but it hon...
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 25 6,722 27 Feb 20 at 6:15pm
    Thread: Replace Kodiak with Hunters
Post: RE: Replace Kodiak with Hunters

(4 Feb 20 at 8:10am)Bel1ve. Wrote: (4 Feb 20 at 7:50am)lemons taste like limes Wrote: (4 Feb 20 at 1:36am)Bel1ve. Wrote: -1 what brand said and kodiak is epic changingt that to hunter makes us h...
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 67 16,348 4 Feb 20 at 9:52am
    Thread: GRID/ENG Arty Rework
Post: RE: GRID/ENG Arty Rework

+1 been suggested many times and needs to be implemented
Radioactive.sw Reviewed 9 2,222 27 Jan 20 at 6:13pm