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    Thread: andie’s staff application ?
Post: RE: andie’s staff application ?

+1 anru knows what he is doing (sometimes), also pretty active and pretty chill guy
caiokkkkk Accepted 9 3,534 19 Oct 21 at 7:08am
    Thread: zyer staff app
Post: RE: zyer staff app

+1 active as shit and really friendly person
caiokkkkk Accepted 10 1,874 19 Oct 21 at 7:04am
    Thread: SEV vs BORE
Post: RE: SEV vs BORE

bore vore
caiokkkkk General Discussion 17 3,242 13 Oct 21 at 6:26pm
    Thread: Antonio/Sigma's Staff Application
Post: RE: Antonio/Sigma's Staff Application

+1 sigma is amazing and great jokes aside, you are a great guy with amazing rep on cvr, you know how everything works and you will be a wonderful addition to the staff team ur fuckin amazing based si...
caiokkkkk Accepted 22 4,616 10 Jun 21 at 6:33pm
    Thread: PURO STAFF APP

-1 don't get me wrong puro, you're a great guy to be around with. but I feel like no dedication was put in your app so that's why im -1ing your app, sorry man but it looks like a lazy app for me.
caiokkkkk Denied 6 1,260 9 Jun 21 at 9:03pm
    Thread: Niko's Staff App
Post: RE: Niko's Staff App

caiokkkkk Off Topic 13 2,554 8 Jun 21 at 10:05am
    Thread: Fel's Application
Post: RE: Fel's Application

-1 Not really much to say as Frost and Sigma said pretty much everything I had to say.
caiokkkkk Denied 43 12,136 7 Jun 21 at 9:14pm
    Thread: Chieftan's Staff App
Post: RE: Chieftan's Staff App

ya +1 acppeted
caiokkkkk General Discussion 19 3,794 7 Jun 21 at 12:59pm
    Thread: Bring Back the Flame Troops
Post: RE: Bring Back the Flame Troops

grid is a poor man's version of cremator
caiokkkkk Reviewed 18 3,212 3 Jun 21 at 11:18pm
    Thread: Boo's Staff Application
Post: RE: Boo's Staff Application

+1 ya please head admnis accpet this
caiokkkkk Off Topic 49 11,654 23 May 21 at 4:52pm
    Thread: ICEPACK'S Staff Application
Post: RE: ICEPACK'S Staff Application

+1 good rep and good app, chill guy aswell and would be a great addition to the staff team
caiokkkkk Accepted 24 6,306 20 May 21 at 7:48pm
    Thread: floppa bot
Post: RE: floppa bot

-1 i hate wizz......
caiokkkkk General 10 3,045 10 May 21 at 7:25am
    Thread: Banana's Staff Application
Post: RE: Banana's Staff Application

+1 good guy with good rep, active and pretty mature, would be a great addition to the staff team
caiokkkkk Accepted 19 5,337 8 May 21 at 11:38pm
    Thread: Video gaming
Post: RE: Video gaming

cockis ballackis
caiokkkkk General 4 1,344 8 May 21 at 11:36pm
    Thread: Gadget's GM Application
Post: RE: Gadget's GM Application

+1 he's a great guy with a good rep on the server. Events looks good and epic, good luck!
caiokkkkk Accepted 10 2,615 8 May 21 at 11:09pm
    Thread: Regulers coolest Staff Application yet
Post: RE: Regulers coolest Staff Application yet

Neutral Your formatting is very bad and you got kicked out of staff for failing operator phase just like Wizz mentioned, I'm giving this a neutral to give you a second chance to become staff again.
caiokkkkk Denied 13 3,555 7 May 21 at 10:52pm

who is thjat???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
caiokkkkk General Discussion 10 2,271 5 May 21 at 7:12pm
    Thread: Unban pleas c:
Post: RE: Unban pleas c:

5 hours left nigga!
caiokkkkk General Discussion 15 3,319 4 May 21 at 4:31pm
    Thread: Null's staff application
Post: RE: Null's staff application

ill give u 5 dolar to join staff
caiokkkkk General 25 5,735 2 May 21 at 9:50am
    Thread: Add a /perms command
Post: RE: Add a /perms command

+1 dont need to say anything tbh
caiokkkkk Reviewed 35 8,797 27 Apr 21 at 7:40pm