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    Thread: Bring back all the maps
Post: RE: Bring back all the maps

+1 I think every map that's been on the server is good, except for mainstreet. fuck mainstreet all my homies hate mainstreet
Bateman General Discussion 88 4,463 22 Mar 22 at 5:20am
    Thread: Ban appeal
Post: RE: Ban appeal

I'm neutral. rdm can be funny when you kill like 1 or 2 people, and hecu is quite well known for rdming in tryouts and mds, but at the same time it sounds like they don't want to continue this behavio...
Bateman Reviewed 21 2,490 17 Feb 22 at 7:52pm
    Thread: Penetration perk
Post: RE: Penetration perk

Imagine using the vr80 with this lmfao sounds fun +1
Bateman Reviewed 5 531 15 Feb 22 at 1:21am
    Thread: PSA
Post: RE: PSA

Thank you Null very cool
Bateman Off Topic 3 510 8 Feb 22 at 4:00am

argentini more like farten pee pee +1
Bateman Reviewed 12 1,002 4 Feb 22 at 11:50pm
    Thread: Azure's ban appeal
Post: RE: Azure's ban appeal

Yeah that video doesn't really prove anything but I've still yet to see an explanation for the fishy flick in the 6th clip at 3 seconds in
Bateman Reviewed 29 3,729 30 Jan 22 at 3:54am
    Thread: Ban appeal / 5252
Post: RE: Ban appeal / 5252

+1 Groundpound shouldn't work on civ lmao
Bateman Reviewed 26 2,546 28 Jan 22 at 10:36pm
    Thread: Azure's ban appeal
Post: RE: Azure's ban appeal

-1 Seems like pretty blatant aimbot Edit: Changing to neutral I watched the clips over again and I honestly cant tell but there definitely were some borderline inhuman aim movements especially in the ...
Bateman Reviewed 29 3,729 21 Jan 22 at 9:26am

-1 If you think the sword shotgun is a "rifle" then you should go use it for yourself
Bateman Reviewed 13 1,268 16 Dec 21 at 9:07pm
    Thread: Haxer's ban appeal
Post: RE: Haxer's ban appeal

+1 for an unban since you seem pretty genuine, but you'll probably get denied seeing as this is an apology and not an unjust ban
Bateman Reviewed 19 2,186 12 Dec 21 at 10:27pm
    Thread: Cuff Hit Reg: Inconsistent and Unfun.
Post: RE: Cuff Hit Reg: Inconsistent and Unfun.

-1 cope and seethe jury jk but i think cuffs are fine how they are right now, you really just gotta catch someone off guard with them
Bateman Reviewed 14 1,945 4 Dec 21 at 6:19am
    Thread: Echos Ban Appeal (unfortunate event)
Post: RE: Echos Ban Appeal (unfortunate event)

I'm neutral on this one. I just don't see how this could be an accident when you ran up to the dude and just domed him point blank. Funny nonetheless.
Bateman Reviewed 30 3,399 8 Nov 21 at 11:11pm
    Thread: Bring Back Outlands, a much better map than Pripyat.
Post: RE: Bring Back Outlands, a much better map than Pr...

+1 Outlands is one of my favorite maps to play on, hope it gets added back at some point
Bateman Reviewed 19 2,365 25 Oct 21 at 11:34pm
    Thread: Building rework
Post: RE: Building rework

-1 This does not sound fun whatsoever and would be very hard to implement
Bateman Reviewed 8 994 23 Oct 21 at 3:28pm
    Thread: I swear I'll do shit this time.
Post: RE: I swear I'll do shit this time.

+1 Really helpful guy(Helped a ton with an event I hosted the other day), and has experience in GM.
Bateman Accepted 7 952 22 Oct 21 at 7:29am
    Thread: Redhart's GM Application
Post: RE: Redhart's GM Application

Neutral Your answers and event ideas are okay for the most part, and I could nitpick a few things that you said, but it seems you don't have a very good past on the server.
Bateman Denied 6 913 21 Oct 21 at 5:10am
    Thread: Senators Game Master Application
Post: RE: Senators Game Master Application

+1 You've got some decent answers and event ideas.
Bateman Accepted 5 691 21 Oct 21 at 5:05am
    Thread: outlands my beloved
Post: RE: outlands my beloved

Honestly that last part is true, the tunnels have to be the most fun part of this map
Bateman General Discussion 10 1,264 13 Oct 21 at 4:11pm
    Thread: Lupit (0420) ban appeal.
Post: RE: Lupit (0420) ban appeal.

I've looked at the evidence provided, and I don't see anything that proves he was cheating. If he was actually cheating, then he's damn good at hiding his cheats. +1
Bateman Reviewed 26 4,531 12 Oct 21 at 5:43am
    Thread: Koly's Staff App
Post: RE: Koly's Staff App

+1 While I haven't seen you on the server much myself, your answers are good and you seem to be a pretty good fit for staff based on that. We have the trial moderator phase for a reason, so I don't th...
Bateman Accepted 4 896 30 Sep 21 at 8:12am