2spookys unban appeal

2spooky5me  Member 14 Jan 22 at 8:41pm
FULL RP Name(s): I don’t remember

Discord Username: Riley#6708

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:129534720

Who warned/banned you? I don’t remember and I can’t find the server because I think I am IP banned

Date of Warn/Ban: somewhere in 2019 I think my ban was given.
Ban Length: perm

Warn/Ban Reason: I believe I got banned for creating my own rebel ranking system and making my own group, and got banned for ranking myself commander or something along those lines. It was quite a long time ago, and that ensure you was my past self, and that I have changed completely.

Why should we remove warn/ban? I am looking to enjoy a server to community to be apart. I promise to read the rules again, and come back with an sharp mind set, keeping promise to doing my outmost best to not break a single rule.

Evidence/Other: N/A
TheJC  VIP 14 Jan 22 at 8:43pm
That's fucking hilarious
doggod  Member 14 Jan 22 at 8:43pm
+1 no offense but that osunds like a relaly dumb reason tob e banned
Dopplah  VIP 14 Jan 22 at 8:51pm
LMAO, it sounds as a stupid reason. +1
Cuzzman  Server Administrator VIP 14 Jan 22 at 8:53pm
type in console this

then check the ban reason

Medic Major Cuzzman at your service

Schizm  VIP 14 Jan 22 at 8:55pm
sounds more like an IC reason, leaning towards -1 until some evidence comes in

(also do what cuzzman said)
Bel1ve.  VIP 14 Jan 22 at 9:22pm
I feel like something is being left out
2spooky5me  Member 15 Jan 22 at 6:36am
Is that the right IP? Because every time I try to connect it tells me connection failed after 6 retries. I made sure I connected too the exact IP, and even triple checked to make sure, and attempted to connect, same message”connection failed after 6 retries” @Cuzzman
Cuzzman  Server Administrator VIP 15 Jan 22 at 1:08pm
It is the correct IP just tried it and it worked for me

Medic Major Cuzzman at your service

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