A suggestion - GredWich's Artillery / Emplacements and Mortars

DeToXic  Certified Gamemaster VIP 2 May 19 at 2:50pm Edited
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A: Yes

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What is your suggestion?
A: This suggestion would be mainly for artillery but since Gredwich brings also Mortars and Emplacements I'll also be talking about them. So what I suggest is instead of making the same old "HeY aDmIn TP tO mE i nEeD yoU TO laUnCh sHElLs!" and *admin TPs to you asking what capture point your aiming at and then he just places randomly were the shells will be hitting* why not use actually scripted enteties that are more fun to use? And to add to that why not have some emplacements and mortars? GRID and Engies had Emplacements back in old CvR and they were so fun to use.

How would this benefit the server?
A: This could benefit hugely to both sides as it'll make Engineer and GRID more fun to play and less boring as you watch your artillery fire artificially "shells" that hit on places that the admin randomly choose from what capture point you picked or build something that then is gonna be destroyed by some lol random BALLISTA or Heavy. And what about FOBs? FOBs could be much more creative and usefull if Emplacements were put inside.
But now you're wondering. Why are you posting this if Sentinel already said he is adding a Artillery SWEP in the next big update. Well, to be honest I was working on this suggestion before Sentinel came up with the Artillery SWEP concept and I can't also say much until I see it work in-game but this addon could replace it and make devs work with something that was already built rather make something from scratch and the entety already comes with in-working reloading mechanisms and various type of shells (AP, HE etc.) that have bullet drop.


- The GRID/Engineer now actually need to place Artillery, and emplacements in certain spots for it to be actually usefull, rather than build something and then wait for staff.
- Overhaul a realistic artillery/emplacements.
- Admins don't need to constantly TP to people and place shells arround.
- FOBs now become more fun to be in.
- Vietnam Flashbacks.


- Devs will need to work allot.
- "The more addons the more lag the server has." - Sentinel.

Now another thing I wanna add is this document made by LeadBed (Thanks allot) were he talks about all the artilleries:


Also, AA Turrets and Air Strikes are in the addon and could be also cool to add but I won't ask much, since maybe they could change allot of things and force devs to work even more.
Coach  VIP 2 May 19 at 3:49pm
+1 We had emplacements back in outercannals_V3 I dont really know why they were removed
Vexeer  VIP 2 May 19 at 4:43pm
Big fat +1, I'd love me some warfare stuff
PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 2 May 19 at 4:47pm
+1 i aint a engi but this is epic right here ,especially the implacements
Burn  VIP 5 May 19 at 10:51pm
This picture shows here why this shouldnt be added.

Do you want lag and fps drops? Because this is how you get lag and fps drops.

[Image: XZ3YVf2.jpg]
DeToXic  Certified Gamemaster VIP 6 May 19 at 2:25pm
I will agree in that, the explosions can cause lag and FPS drop, but that's why there's a vast sellection of artillery. Some artillery cause less lag than others, thoose are the ones the server should mainly pick.
Burn  VIP 6 May 19 at 5:58pm Edited
You just said this can cause lag. Even the smaller weapons, will cause lag. This will not be added.

Sentinel himself said "No way" to this.

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