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GothFoxic  VIP 31 May 19 at 11:24am
FULL RP Name(s): OTA RANGER TR 09 8637, OSE LEGIONNAIRE 8637, OVA FOXTROT AC-IV 07 8637, RES HVY PFC Lucas, RU Kactus, Vort Xilon

Discord Username: AceHotGamer #3324

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:113797768

What region are you located in?

The UK

Previous Warns?

single rocketing, RDM

Previous Bans?

No previous bans

Why do you want to be part of the staff team?
Must be at least 3 sentences.
becuase i want to find out how to be a staff how to act like one and generally know what its like to be a staff member in my eyes not because someone said that "ohh staff is really great" i wanna expirience that myself and i think that this server is the perfect place to do just that. I also wanna become staff becasue i haerd smoeone say that we need more EU staff because no staff are online when the server starts and i wanna help in the best way that i can. I would also benefit in in becoming staff since i have no expirience so i think that at this point in toime i would really like to have expirience to be staff then i can get an understanding on how staff work on other servers as well so yeah i think that i would really enjoy becoming staff if u give me the chance.

Why should you be accepted on the staff team?
Must be at least 3 sentences.
although i have no expirience i have an idea on how the rules work and what way they apply but i would like to be accepted because i have a hard time fitting into certain groups and i want to get regonized in the community and i now thing that staff is the way to go not to gain fame but friends that i can play with and rely on whenever i come on to help me. i think i'm copying from but i thik you guys may need me Eu staff not to be hurtful or anything its just that i'm in the UK and i thkn it would greatly benefit for you to have me on team so i can be there when you guys arent.i would like to ge accepted because im a big fan of  combine vs rebels and this server helped me thorugh some tough times and i enjoy playing here and becoming apart of the staff team has always been a must have for me and i am just really hoping that i get accepted so i can show my appreciation to everyone and to say that we staff are here 24/7 and will always be here when you need us the most. being apart of the staff team is an absolute honor for me and i am just hoping that if you accept me that i can be reliable understanding even when i get stuff wrong i wanna live up to you're hopes and dreams. 
Do you understand that you must change your Steam name to "[DEFN] (Username)" upon getting accepted?
yes i agree to the terms and services 

An MPF Union kills a Civilian but you don't know the reasoning behind the killing.
What do you do?
warn the union for RDM

An H.E.C.U. Soldier enters the Combine base to "RP defect".
How do you proceed as a staff member?

You find a SU/MACE CO infiltrating without notifying their team in chat. You bring them into a sit to talk to them about breaking the rules. In this sit the CO threatens to demote your RP character if you don't let them go.
How do you handle this?
warn him for threating a staff then kick him for 10-30 minutes

A group of players comes onto the server and threatens to DDOS or raid it.
What do you think you should do?
ban them immediantly 

You see a high ranking staff member doing something questionable, but you don't know if it is allowed.
What do you do?
ask the high ranking staff what hes up to
Some guy on the internet  Member 31 May 19 at 11:52am
You missed a question

Used to play here between 2018-2019, only @'s destitute with shitpost in the discord now.

[DEFN] Head Janitor  VIP 31 May 19 at 1:33pm
-1 Alot of spelling mistakes and also

Who the fuck is you

[Image: 2LaaHd6.gif]ex. KILO CmD -  ex. MP Major

"Don't do 100% Silicone, do umm latex"


You probably know me 
Shellac  VIP 2 Jun 19 at 9:35pm
-1 Never seen you before

RES R15 SPC Shellac (KIA)
RU R11 Barney (KIA)
"I got a Ph.D. in Chemistry for this bullshit." - Head Engineer Weiler
"I need glasses.." - RES R14 SNP WO ZagZig

Kilroy ʷᵃˢ ʰᵉʳᵉ  VIP 5 Jun 19 at 4:43pm Edited
Wouldn't hurt to edit your application to add more detail and effort.

(2 Jun 19 at 9:35pm)Shellac Wrote: -1 Never seen you before
Also, providing negative feedback on somebody's application just because you've "never seen them before" is not a valid reason to -1.
Burn  VIP 5 Jun 19 at 11:10pm
Multiple mistakes, incorrect answers, missing questions all together, not even fixing the application after it was pointed out.

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