actual tournament instead of this

Clash  VIP 18 Jul 21 at 10:04pm
hey just a hypothetical but what if the game tournaments were actual tournaments. Like instead of having two sides make anyone eligible to play so long as they have a team

I dont wanna speak for others here, but I'm like 99 percent sure people would have a lot more fun playing themselves then watching 10/18 people who you cant even hear talk just mindlessly skullfuck each other in a game. Another thing is betting isn't as exciting or fun, but just a 50/50 chance of making a few credits. I have a couple of ways to spice this up

Instead of doing bets, start doing wagers. Lets say we have an 8 team my singing monsters tournament and the balls team is going up against the sacks team. Both teams put in 10000 credits (20k total) and whoever wins would take the 20k and move on into the next round. This would go on until the final team collects all the money (the headcannon is the balls team winning so dont get any ideas)

All im saying is make more incentive for people to actually wanna participate Smile

- slouchmeister guy 
Clash  VIP 8 Sep 21 at 12:44pm
you didnt like it enough i guess
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