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consul.  Member 7 Sep 20 at 8:41pm
FULL RP Name(s):
A: consulcast

Discord Username:
A: ConsulCast#6005

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A: no

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A: no

What is your suggestion?
A: Add an very basic nodegraph to the server, since this would very well improve the experience of PvE events, which is our current priority as GM. This would help ranged npcs alot, since this would allow them to use their team based AI to their advantages.

How would this benefit the server?
A: This would generally improve the experience of PvE events more, since the NPCs will begin moving around more instead of sitting in one spot. It would also allow NPCs to ACTUALLY ROUND CORNERS. I understand if the nodegraph can cause lag, but I feel like a basic one wont do much harm.
Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 7 Sep 20 at 8:54pm
An addon that works great with a nodegraph is "Improved Combine NPC's"

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Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 7 Sep 20 at 9:03pm
+1, This is very possible but uhhh I am not sure if anything would get in the way of that. Anyways its most likely something that Sentinel and Me could do most likely.
Poison  VIP 7 Sep 20 at 10:52pm
+1 ai fun

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AlexMagus  Affairs Counselor VIP 8 Sep 20 at 3:22am
+1 earlier reasons
[DEFN] Venom  VIP 8 Sep 20 at 6:12am
+1 We need this!

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