add city_final_v2 to main map rotation

bad rats fan 69  Member 4 Sep 21 at 6:22pm
FULL RP Name(s):
A: KINGSLAYER WO Joey Fatcock, E6 Engineer Jessie Fatcock

Discord Username:
A: corn dog#9962

Steam ID:
A: STEAM_0:1:55668683

What is your suggestion?
A: title, add city_final_v2 to the main map rotation

How would this benefit the server?
A: most of the maps in the rotation right now heavily bias toward long range combat, only map that is consistently cqc focused is c13. not saying that there is no cqc opportunities on other maps, however those are long range maps with cqc parts, whereas a map like c13 is a mostly cqc/mid range map with some long range parts.  adding another cqc map like city_final_v2 would vary up the server and encourage more diverse playstyles. 

point A should prob be moved though because its like, right outside combine spawn lol.
An Even Wilder Egg  Member 5 Sep 21 at 2:01am
-1 holy shit city final sucks, it's easier to become blind and rely on sounds than to actually see on that map
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 5 Sep 21 at 3:54am Edited
Bad map, -1. Overreliance on the rooftops for map control as well as the tiny size means that while combat is everywhere, spawncamping is constant and a team that holds the map is very likely to STAY in control of the map due to how the whole map is 2 choke points. Not to mention how the map actively prevents several classes from being functional in their roles, such as snipers, GRID/ENG, OVA/TECH. However, even beyond that, CQC classes are in-turn VERY heavily buffed, as every fight is in CQC.
Your Berdest Fren  VIP 5 Sep 21 at 5:42am
Fuck that map
Snipers and vehicle classes become useless and only cqc classes are useful
Not only that but you're as blind as a bat, hell no
doggod  Member 5 Sep 21 at 2:03pm
im down for more cqc based maps but that map keeps me away from cvr until the next rotation
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