add eu cvr server

Void  VIP 26 Jun 21 at 5:50pm
Why do people from Europe want to be treated equally? What's the appeal?
Bel1ve.  VIP 26 Jun 21 at 6:03pm
If only, na niggas too pressed to lose 80% of their community
SomeAngryDude  Member 26 Jun 21 at 6:04pm
wait, i thought that eu doesn't exist. have i been lied to for all my life?
Terry  Member 26 Jun 21 at 6:14pm
-1 The thing is it going to be extremely annoying because you have to whitelist people for two servers got to host tryouts in two servers and that just going to cost money when one server going to be the majority and the other going to have barely any player
TheJC  VIP 26 Jun 21 at 6:39pm
yeah the NA server will barely have any players, denied locked moved!!!!!!!
Lunar Frost  Member 27 Jun 21 at 2:08am
+1 I'm up for eu servers cuz i can't stand the ping anymore, I die for bullshit reasons adn I'm getting sick and tired of it
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