Additional Combine protocol proposals.

[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 17 Jan 20 at 3:03pm
(17 Jan 20 at 2:57pm)DeToXic Wrote: pretty sure all of this is made by discussing it with the Planetary Commander and the Sectoral and with other CO's instead of a forum suggestion

I wasn't sure, so I put it here.

Gamemaster Supervisor.

Ancient GRID CmD, prior SU Major/GB COL.

Credit to SEVIN.
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Shower  VIP 17 Jan 20 at 4:38pm
-1 this is a thing that should be worked out between the leaders of each faction
not some forum psot
Destitute the :dab:  Chief Executive Officer VIP 17 Jan 20 at 6:04pm
Idk man some of these protocols just outright break the rules

Don't worry! The Yakuza 4 of us know what to do!

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[DEFN] Pyro Shark  VIP 18 Jan 20 at 2:31am
A lot of these protocols I simply just have a dislike for. I'll go through my opinions for each one of them.

1: Conscription Protocol.

If you would like to argue IC and Lore, it wouldn't make sense for the UU to recruit fighters from their workforce as they are the ones assisting the UU is making goods and conscripting them wouldn't make much sense as it would stall the progress of goods being made. It'd make more sense to forcefully conscript civilians or up the rewards of conscripting to gain a temporary boost in fighters.
If you would like to argue OOC and Server balance, CWU would turn into SUs basically and that's not what they are. They're supposed to be a civilian workforce not a rag-tag team of civilians loyal to the combine. SUs are already pretty annoying to deal with as they are and having a protocol which basically activates Combine SU seems kind of dumb in my opinion. This can also be spammed by COs to gain a permanent advantage however you can just put rules in place to prevent this.

2: Bulwark Protocol

Arguing IC, it requires a lot of time and effort for the UU/Resistance to build such large walls and it doesn't make sense for a singular GRID/Engineer to be able to build a massive wall in a matter of seconds.
Arguing OOC, it could easily block off key map areas simply by accident and if used correctly can funnel an entire side's forces into one tight chokepoint which makes the gameplay not so enjoyable. Let's face it, DvL+ are rarely on anyways so good luck getting permission for this.

3: Judgement Protocol

Arguing IC, the UU does NOT have infinite rockets and it would make more sense to send in OTA to deal with the heavies rather then expending large amounts of rockets and possibly an HC just to kill some rebels.
Arguing OOC, it would not be fun to play against this at all, rockets are meant to be something to stop vehicles from being too OP and you're basically telling them 'so you're gonna shoot rockets at me? i'll just spam rockets back.' This can also be easily abused, and it'd also make more sense to send in MACE or squads of people to take down heavies if you really need to deploy a vehicle.

Overall I think it's a good concept I think I might do something similar for GM related activities however, these three protocols are just not something that would suit CvR's balance at all and would stick out like a sore thumb when activated and largely unfun to play against.

Venom  Senior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 2 May 20 at 1:21pm
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