Anarchist Suicide Vests

SomethingActuallyIllegal  Member 23 Mar 20 at 4:47pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s):
A: MPF BALLISTA/GRID 08 4297, SU PVT Lithium, GCB Commissioner Nick "L" Illegal

Discord Username:
A: [DEFN] SomethingActuallyIllegal#8756

Steam ID:
A: STEAM_0:0:72329292

Workshop Link: (If applicable)

What is your suggestion?
A: Give Anarchists the ability to use suicide vests so that they could be more effective and could form more rp situations.

How would this benefit the server?
A: There could be more RP situations with a bomber threatening to blow up a point of people and anarchists could be able to turn the tide of the battle if they were convinced to fight for one of the factions.

Maybe make suicide bomber another role instead of just giving to anarchist. Could work better.
Soviet  Member 23 Mar 20 at 6:05pm
-1 no very dumb and bad just noh
Poison  Certified Gamemaster VIP 23 Mar 20 at 6:18pm
POV: You are at the base and you spawn in with the other 13 unions and you see 3 anarchists sitting outside the door, you walk out and get blown the fuck up in your spawn.
fat -1 retarded anarchists would only find a way to abuse it and shit. I'm good
Bel1ve.  Member 23 Mar 20 at 8:09pm Edited
+1 if we can buy it for 100k credits per vest and be made KOS during the time when equipped.
or 500k per vest for In-game money that seems to be never used.
xXmrburnsXx  VIP 23 Mar 20 at 9:08pm
-1. No. There would be way too much abuse.
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