Another funny game master application

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Full Ingame Name(s)

Combine name

OTA Shield TR 09 7884

  Rebel name

RES R15 PVT Uncle Iroh
Vortigaunt R12  Youngling Vigo
Honorary MP dino 

Anarchists name

Anarchy Cartel gunman Dino 
Zimbabwe President BILL

SteamID & Discord Name/Tag

Discord Username: Dino#7559
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:204362756

What Region are you located in? What's your timezone?

Prairie Provinces Canada 
Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Previous Punishments?

No bans:
Six warns:
1 Mic spam
1 Minge
1 Inciting Mass failrp -  Sentinel 
Majority of these warns are rather old

What's your reason for becoming Gamemaster?

I would like to become a game master to make gameplay on the server a bit more interesting with either RP events or maybe a little shop event just to add a bit of funk into their daily gameplay session on CVR.

Have you ever been Event Staff or anything similar on other servers? If so please list below.

Senior admin: sundown Networks CVR
Senior admin: Adverse Networks CVR
Admin: Adverse Networks darkrp
Moderator: Grizzly gaming WW2 TDM
Moderator: Wipeout Networks
Moderator:  Half-Life Wars 

Explain how you take criticism from other people, from constructive to border-line harassment.

I take Criticism by keeping calm and listening to what the person has to say Treating it like constructive criticism and if it would help me to improve my event or self in the future I would apply it and thank for harassment If it comes down to it and they cross that line I would listen calmly and if it gets too aggressive I will Point them towards a staff member to deal with the individual harassing me.

A Combine CmD has openly expressed their distaste for an event you're doing at that moment. It has gotten to the point where he is actively disrupting your event. What is your course of action?

I would pull the CMD aside and see what he would like in future events and listen to him critique the certain event he does not like and if he continues to disrupt that could be counted as event disruption but if he complies I will have no problem with that. 
A Resistance Fighter starts PMing you with some questions about a recent event you've done. However, because you were AFK, he has started harassing you. What is your course of action?

I would apologize to him and ask him Kindly  explain what I was doing and how I was busy at the moment in time that usually tends to Calm the person down to see where you are coming from and then I would listen to whatever they had to say to me from before

What are GM's permissions both inside and outside of events?

Ticket wise gms are only allowed to take tickets when there's no staff online outside an event. But inside of an event, the GM has full Authority seeing as he is hosting. 

You are hosting an important Post-Event DB and all of a sudden, the CO's ask you to leave so they can do their DB and exclude yours. What is your course of action?

for post-event debriefs I am supposed to provide information about the event I'm hosting and the Co is harassing me Ill tell him to stop if the CO continues to harass me while I'm trying to fulfill my duties I will either gag them, report him to staff or I'll just hurry up with what I'm doing and tell everyone about what's happening and let the co do their thing cuz I don't have to stay there for promotions and all that.

A Gamemaster who said he would be assisting you in an event later on today hasn't shown up and now the event is running behind schedule. What should you do?

Seeing as he is assisting you and is not hosting you have all the information for the event and have full authority to continue the event without said GM. unless you trial I think.

After getting a green light on an event, you notice there are 3 vehicles deployed at once. It is causing a little lag, what is your course of action?

I will temporarily unemployed said Vehicles so the event can go smoothly and compensate the factions with the resources that it cost for those vehicles.

What's the process GM's take before making events, from start to finish. (This is what YOU think)

Well, the process of getting an event approved probably goes a little like this.

  1. Step one drawing up an outline of what the event is going to be rewarded for said event and all the other pre-planning stuff 

[*]after that, you will need to get approval from the HGM or SGM  to see if they approve of it they will also probably add some critiques like things you can improve on in the event in your outline and implement it into the event.

[*]Maybe even grab a little help from a more experienced gamemaster just so you know that your event is going to go smoothly after you get permission from your higher-ups of course

[*]Once you have your help and information you will start setting up for the event and announce it to the server that you will be hosting an event

[*]Step five host pre-event debrief to brief both sides on what event is going to be about and where their objectives will be

[*]After briefing both sides you will be managing the players to make sure your event goes smoothly once one side has accomplished victory in the event you'll send them both back to post-event debrief and give them their respected Awards
  •  forgot to add this in I would ask for people's opinion on the event and how I can improve on it if I do the event in the future

A Resistance Captain is openly criticizing your event when he isn't in the event itself. It has gotten to the point where he is interrupting your important adverts relating to the event. What should you do?
I would probably warn him with event disruption seeing as I'm trying to host and cannot be bothered To take my time to make sure this one person is happy because after all,  I have an event to look after.

How often do you think GM's should host events?

It kind of depends on the time of the year like if people are in school but I'd say usually maybe two times bi-weekly.

List three events that you might do if you get accepted (DETAILED AND BE ORIGINAL) [Campaigans and RP Situations are EXCLUDED]
1. event number one.
event name: Mysterious entities

 Some Xen life-forms (players with green shirts) have appeared and are causing trouble around the map The participants in the event (civilians) will be equipped with elastic restraints and we'll have to neutralize the threat for each Xen life form captured they will gain a reward of their choice and will be able to cash in the award for the rest of their play session.

Civilian loadout:
Elastic restraints

Xen  life-forms  loadout:
Green shirt 

purpose of the event just a little fun one nothing too complicated

2.event number two.
event name: The advisor
 an advisor has come down from the Citadel to watch over the efforts of there combine troops but there is also and hidden objective from the advisers visit he is searching for an object that could shift the tides of the war is currently in the hands of the rebels in the combine must retrieve it from rebel base and return it to combine base to awaken something powerful  if they fail the rebels will unlock its true potential 
The basic gist of this event is a super-soldier event where a piece will be in rebel base and combine will have to base rate to retrieve the peace and get it back to base safely if they do so successfully they'll receive a beefed-up unit that will help them on the battlefield chill they successfully capture the whole map.

  If the combine does not succeed and the rebels keep the peace the rebels will gain a super soldier as well with some experimental Tech that dr. Kleiner has been working on.

Supersoldier loadout for the combine:

Taiga Elite armored PM
Speed boost
Treasurer model 689

Supersoldier Loadout for the rebels:
Css_urban PM
Speed boost
Treasurer model 689

3.event number three.
event name: The great race.

The great race will be in airboat race around the map and this is just another fun event winner will get to keep their airboat for one life  airboat will be also equipped with the turret on it for the winner so they can be aggressive or just play Passive 
Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak staff information in gamemaster channels or otherwise. I will not abuse my powers in-game or otherwise. I must add [DEFN] to my steam username as soon as I get accepted.
I accept the above statement.
Do you understand the basics of ULX? (If so, list basic commands below)


I just like to say that if I get accepted I am not going to be unable to reach my computer  because I'm going on vacation from the 1st to the 9th

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DeerDust  Certified Gamemaster 31 Jul 20 at 7:47am
1. well-formatted, looks nice on the eyes. (a little bit spaced out to make it look longer but)
2. you go into greater detail than me on the loadout of the event characters, and certain responses.
3. A good chunk of staff experience.
3. Very poor spelling and grammar.
4. I think you overthought the event making process just a tad.
5. Holy shit dude its like 6-8 lines sometimes till the next body of text
nuetral for now, work on some aspects a bit more and ill slap a +1
BEEP BOP  Certified Gamemaster Junior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 11 Aug 20 at 3:52pm
details are nice
consul.  Member 16 Aug 20 at 10:28pm
+1 what are thse col0rz br0 good app, but try to enhance the events a bit more.
PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 17 Aug 20 at 6:58am
+1 Questionable Formatting but most questions have been answered to an acceptable level, along with that the Event's are relatively original, especially the Advisor one, Advisors are a relatively untouched part of this community and having more event's include them would be really great to the Community and should encourage more GM's to do the same.


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+1 cool cat
OrangeTango  Certified Gamemaster VIP 17 Aug 20 at 6:30pm
+1 well formatted, good answers, not to sure on the warns though, the events seem really nice (you will have to of course alter them a tad to fit the update)

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Been a whole month XD
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Sorry it has taken as long as it has, welcome to the funny zone.

-User is respected within the community.
-User's answers mostly reflected an understanding of the role of Gamemasters.

Event Criticisms
- Event 1 has no description of what rewards would be available, and events with cuffs should be heavily restricted in scope.
- Event 2 has the general issue of being a "Super Soldier" event, which generally turn out fairly mediocre as they either get gunned down instantly, or are far to tanky to be feasible.
-Event 3 is fairly undetailed, but is a full circuit describing both the situation and the rewards. Racing events don't really need a ton of detail either.

Contact a Senior Gamemaster for training.

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