Appeal of warning/Staff complaint.

SpicyDoritos1  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 12:40am Edited
FULL RP Name(s): HECU FH Major Kowalski, LVET FH PVT Reznov, OTA MOSLEY 04 4789, MPF MACE 03 5376

Discord Username: yonkers#5306

Steam IDSTEAM_0:0:158664800

Staff/Player's Name: Primarch Warden SSGT Strelitzia (Stelitzia)

Staff/Player's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:460016399

Requested Action against Staff/Player:
1 Strike for taking his own sit and a false warn/Disciplinary Action.
Reason for complaint?
So I infiltrated for killing "RU SGM. Edward" and while doing so all of the rebels were huddled inside of base near mp cells.
I uncloaked in a spot where i had a shot on him as he was either on top of someones head or someone was on his head and i sprayed at him, it wasn't a DB because they had just finished one and they weren't in DB room, not only did no one make a sit and the staff in question make his OWN sit, but the other people I killed were a result of them bunched up like sardines.
The screenshot i have doesn't show the huddle of people but it shows the people I killed.
I wasn't even allowed too argue my side of the story I was just warned, no one else but the admin. -1st Photo in imgur album
(photo's of those killed as well as the target) -2nd Photo in imgur album
Imgur link for both photos.
kcimroCcM ynneK  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 12:44am
Unreasonable you weren't even able to argue. Steam support chat is way better than this!

I hope my GM application gets accepted!
consul.  Certified Gamemaster 28 Jun 20 at 12:44am
Kinda can’t open evidence but maybe because I’m on phone like a cringe baby
SpicyDoritos1  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 12:45am
I can put an imgur link for those on mobile.
consul.  Certified Gamemaster 28 Jun 20 at 12:46am Edited
Yes pls thx

So it seems like you did infil in later stages of db, but only did stuff when db ended, but I’ll have to 0 this until the big bois come
Destitute the :dab:  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 12:51am
A staff member taking their own sit is a big no-no, especially without consideration of the person they've put into a sit.

SpicyDoritos1  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 12:54am
This is no where near there DB, there db also had concluded 30 minutes prior.
[DEFN] Strelitzia  Server Operator 28 Jun 20 at 1:04am
Strelitzia here. This sit was NOT for me, as I was not involved in the killing. However, I did witness the entire situation unfold. As staff I am able to make a sit for someone that I believe is breaking the rules. You and multiple others argued about it, and you stated why you shouldn't be warned in OOC. I brought you to a sit and said that you could not double assassinate. ( The rebels were standing in a decently small circles, yes. However, there was not a single other person blocking sight of the person the mace was targeting. Once again, I did NOT take my own sit ((:. Hope this helped provide oversight!
SpicyDoritos1  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 1:08am Edited
No one was brought too the sit with me other than YOU, and no one was block my view correct but there was not only someone on top of my target but someone in front of him, making the change of killing 2 players high.
And you did take your own sit as no one other than iraq lobster was there too argue it, the target didn't complain and nor did any other player I had killed.
You can't possibly argue that NO ONE but my target wasn't gonna end up hurt or killed due too how clustered they were.
bog bog bog man  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 1:20am
Double assassination?
Sounds like feces to me, if needed (eg you would die if you didn't) infil classes are allowed to kill anyone else to accomplish their task
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