Azure's ban appeal

wealthy  Member 21 Jan 22 at 1:01am Edited
FULL RP Name(s): SNP SPC Azure

Discord Username: Azure#0477

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:624526838

Who warned/banned you? Zyer

Date of Warn/Ban: Today, [b]January 21, 2022[/b]

Ban Length: Permanent

Warn/Ban Reason: Cheating

Why should we remove warn/ban?
Before I start, I am sorry for any misunderstanding I've brought up and I'd like to clear my name, I've got banned for cheating by Zyer, and I personally talked to him, he was kind enough to refer me here and explain what happened so I've dealt my side and my pov on things to explain any confusion between the situation, we got to mutual agreement that I should post some clips to help my appeal but as I am new to the server I haven't been able to gather many so I've uploaded a folder with 9 clips that can show how I play; how flicky my aim is, my sensitivity being high and some funny/retarded clips and everything else regarding the situation. It may not be much as of now but I hope its enough to let me back on to the server to further prove myself. Regarding the situation; I've been spectated for a while and out of that time only 2 clips came out and one of them was "suspicious", which was just me flicking but not even shooting or killing the guy then going back with flick in same fashion to check the corner again and going away since I've got nobody to shoot at. I think such happens to everyone and other people too had moments like it, because I haven't done that over and over again, it was a one time thing that happened over the course of him spectating me longer and I'm sure that spectate by itself isnt the best so that tops it up and you could see bad in other people too if you really wanted to, that being said I dont want for anybody to think bad upon anyone since I want to this to be resolved civilized, thank you.

Evidence/Other: Updated the thread with actual youtube clips
Robert  VIP 21 Jan 22 at 1:37am
i sure am going to download that 400mb file..
Leo  Member 21 Jan 22 at 1:40am
lmafo. 407 mb

Your Berdest Fren  VIP 21 Jan 22 at 2:01am
Clips can actually take up a lot of space you know
Either you check the clips or you dont :moyai:
I'll check them myself in some time and give my thoughts here by editing this message
Bel1ve.  VIP 21 Jan 22 at 2:48am Edited
Upload them to YouTube

6th link at best is the sussiest he has been
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 21 Jan 22 at 4:57am
I highly recommend you upload any clips you have to Youtube or (or any other video filesharing platform)

It isn't good internet security policy to download random files from the internet regardless of what the person posting them says, which may lead to your appeal being denied as reviewing your clips would require a download.
Bateman  Certified Gamemaster VIP 21 Jan 22 at 9:26am Edited
-1 Seems like pretty blatant aimbot
Edit: Changing to neutral I watched the clips over again and I honestly cant tell but there definitely were some borderline inhuman aim movements especially in the third to last clip, more specifically around 3 seconds in that looks like an aimlock even if you slow the playback speed to 0.25 the movement is pretty much instant
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Kyle The Killer  Member 21 Jan 22 at 10:16am
+1 for Unban, While some flicks are sketchy here and there, I believe that the use of irons had improved his skills in making the best out of one shot. The high sensitivity explanation makes sense, with how jittery his aim is, mainly I believe that if it was aimlock, the camera, or focus would've consistently tracked the movements of the enemy players, though it is understandable to be suspicious of the light flicks to the heads in the first few clips, but mainly that's part of the learning curve as sniper, to get good or die trying.
Your Berdest Fren  VIP 21 Jan 22 at 10:19am Edited
This guy isn't cheating lmao, the thread evidence i've seen so far that was potentially used against him really wasn't good & the clips he provided of his own actual gameplay seemed pretty normal to me
I've fought this man in the past consistently myself whenever I was on and he has been improving, this isn't blatant aimbot either
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