BadAim's ban appeal

[GL]BadAimSam  Member 29 Jul 20 at 11:10pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): NPU SENTRY TR 09 5001

Discord Username: BadAim#0972

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:81238702 :

Who banned you?: Monolith - STEAM_0:1:4737764

Date of Ban: 7/29/2020

Ban Length: 1 day

Ban Reason: ERP

Why should you be unbanned?: I think that a ban was unneeded in this situation. Here are the 2 things I did that got me banned:

"/me Strips Weapons|Comms and prepares to ERP" 
(I asked my trainer during my tryout if my bind was too mingey or if it would get me into any trouble and they said it wouldn't, and I assumed if staff would have any issue with it they'd just ask me to change it).

and something along the lines of "/me uses a dildo gag on you" 
(the person I had been interrogating had been eating their mic for the entire interrogation so I wanted to have an RP reason to use the gag feature in case it required a roll, and I also just wanted to mess around as the guy I capped seemed like a chill enough guy who wouldn't have any issues with a joke like this).

I see no issue with any of this that would warrant a ban. Throughout the staff sit, I had apologized to the player that I had done this to, as I am new to the community and I didn't know this player (Bongeboy)s backstory, like if they had been raped IRL or something. I assured the staff member that I wouldn't do anything like this again, and yet I was still banned from the server over what seems to me like a small issue. I was messing around, and I assumed that Bongeboy had been as well, and I would've accepted a verbal warning or at an extreme, a !warn, but I think that outright banning me, even if only for a day, is ridiculous and unneeded. I only started to get into the community a few weeks ago, and a ban for ERP isn't something I ever expected to receive on any Gmod server, as that's not the type of person I am. I think that including a simple joke into the hat of sexual harassment, degeneracy, and disgusting behavior that ERP falls under is wrong and I should have my ban and warning removed.

Evidence/Other: N/A, however Molinioth pulled both of those out of logs so if it's needed I'm sure he could provide evidence.
kcimroCcM ynneK  VIP 29 Jul 20 at 11:34pm
I believe the context beforehand was what warranted the, albeit excessive, ban.
you used "/me Strips Weapons|Comms and prepares to ERP" before the interrogations, the situation could have gone 2 ways before the gag
You begin to ERP
You continue normal interrogations

Since you chose the second one, nothing could have happened
since the nigga was micspamming, you decided to gag him, and I believe this is where you made your mistake. Because you used "/me Strips Weapons|Comms and prepares to ERP," and then "/me gags you with a dildo," It became ERP based on what you said beforehand

I do think this ban was excessive, but I can see why you got banned.
best of luck.
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[GL]BadAimSam  Member 29 Jul 20 at 11:52pm Edited
Hi kcimroCcM ynneK,
to clear things up as it seems like you thought I had done the 2 /me's at the same time or around the same time, here is when I did both:
1st /me (my strip bind): The second I capped them, and twice as I dragged them back to base in case they didn't see the 1st one I did.
2nd /me: near the end of the interrorgation as I was wrapping up. since I was the only NPU/EOW on, I didn't know if there were any SUs infling who might be able to hear him eat his fkn mic.
I hope this helps.
[ICUT]Echos  VIP 29 Jul 20 at 11:55pm
neutral but leaning heavily towards +1
both of them kinda said it already :pensive:

RnD Gang Rules!

C1 Technical Supervisor Echos
E10 Engineering Intern Wonkers
Hong Kong  Senior Infrastructure Moderator Server Operator VIP 30 Jul 20 at 1:15am
A day isn't really something to be worried about.
The /me's can be deemed indeed 'erotic' in a sense. At least the one about a 'dildo gag'.

Can be deemed 'joking around' but there's no escaping the rules and if I remember correctly, any type of ERP is a day ban, no matter if it could be deemed as a joke or not.
(I say from experience because I've had to ban people for ERP lol.)
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[ICUT]Echos  VIP 30 Jul 20 at 1:16am
basically joking gets you killed

RnD Gang Rules!

C1 Technical Supervisor Echos
E10 Engineering Intern Wonkers
Hong Kong  Senior Infrastructure Moderator Server Operator VIP 30 Jul 20 at 2:02am
(30 Jul 20 at 1:16am)[ICUT]Echos Wrote: basically joking gets you killed

No, not necessarily. Rules are rules, no matter what.
Nekso  Trial-Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 30 Jul 20 at 2:10am
Neutral, I don't know maybe use less erotic binds next time, this is only a day ban so as long as you don't do it again there isn't really that big of a consequence, just wait it out tbh.
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Poison  VIP 30 Jul 20 at 2:15am
+1 i used dildo gags all the time when i was NPU!
Bel1ve.  VIP 30 Jul 20 at 4:47am
1 day bans do not get accepted if you are not extremely in favor, which you aren't at the moment.

The rules clearly state ( I believe) that erp is bannable right? You should read the motd before you play, although I doubt recruits get told that.
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