Ban Appeal

[DEFN] Strelitzia  Personnel Supervisor VIP 11 Apr 22 at 10:31am Edited
fortnite cock 

but yeah, the flame is unnecessary.

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Woorj07  Server Administrator Member 11 Apr 22 at 12:01pm
Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh two chickens that llie and with a fry. I want my dipping sauce to be not too "scummy" and for my drink i'll need it to be clear for my mindset.
V/CE  Member 11 Apr 22 at 5:45pm
Why the hell are you flaming other people who are appealing a ban?
doggod  Member 11 Apr 22 at 8:29pm
some of it's uncalled for but these happen so often that it seems like more of a joke than a legitimate ban appeal given that ban appeals are for unjust bans, not apologies like everyone has been saying here already
TheJC  VIP Member 11 Apr 22 at 8:46pm
this is hilarious
Arti  Member 11 Apr 22 at 9:54pm
me when I post something mocking a 12 year old on defn forums
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a1c1  Member 29 May 22 at 4:31pm
I realise that my ban was valid and I'm not here to say that it wasn't. I just want to explain myself and my side of events to hopefully get this resolved. I got banned for going into the combine base twice, the first was completely my fault and bee gave me a very generous warning which I'm thankful for. the second time however, I was captured and taken into the combine base where a SU killed my captor and freed me. I then immediately try and leave but a few combine try and kill me, I did not know about the rule where i am only allowed to 1 combine while making an escape, and after making my escape I'm banned. my only desire is to be unbanned and continue playing, I will not create any more hassle and make sure I'm not a problem to the server in the future.
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