Ban appeal / 5252

James  VIP 29 Jan 22 at 2:20pm
This sounds like there could have been some more investigation to this. The entire situation sounds dumb and doesn't seem like it should warrant a ban, let alone a six week one.
PaulVZ22  VIP 31 Jan 22 at 11:57am
(29 Jan 22 at 5:25am)Stoofer Wrote: +1 i witnessed this first hand while i was on ranger
that anarch was really fucking annoying and a lot of people in team chat were telling everybody to KOS him (and a lot did shoot him), not just 5252 so idk why 5252 was the only one to get punished in any way

Rule 37 states that if a KOS on an individual Anarchist is announced then they can be KOSed for that life. So if what Stoofer said is true and people in team chat said to KOS him then it is within that rule. 5252 did say though that he killed him 4 times which means it can still be RDM, if the team said to KOS him atleast once every time he respawned then it is a different story since the rules do not state a cooldown between the times the KOS can be called. Plus I would have done the same in that situation.
+1 from me.
TheJC  VIP 31 Jan 22 at 11:59am
Alright fellers let's think a little of what could've been done correctly so this doesn't happen on the future


Майор  Member 31 Jan 22 at 4:52pm Edited
TheJC Omg... I forgot we actually able to do that... I used that thing but really long time ago since anarchists was more annoying than these days, i'm gonna remind everyone when i will come back. By the way, how long does it take to process my appeal? I'm just curious.

omg JC a bomb!
Micdon  VIP 4 Feb 22 at 1:23pm
+1 for the unban, my statement is upheld for the actions.
Bore/Sev  Head Administrator VIP 4 Feb 22 at 9:04pm Edited
*Insert joke about HAs being lazy*

Accepted, Kind of. MRDM is getting lowered to RDM. As such, you should be unbanned due to a different punishment (Congrats on doing the longest RDM ban in recent memory). Please next time use signs that say something like "KOS anarch inside FOB" or something simular.

If you cant get on still, dm on discord: The Wings#4875 and I can help.

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