Ban Appeal D4RKM3T4

D4RKM3T4  Member 18 May 20 at 4:15am

Discord Username: D4RKM3T4

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:22211936

Who banned you? Unknown

Date of Ban: 17.05.20

Ban Length: Unknown

Ban Reason: Unknown

Why should you be unbanned? I got suddenly banlisted for nor reason, no one told me why.

Evidence/Other: Unknown
Hong Kong  Infrastructure Moderator VIP 18 May 20 at 4:18am Edited
You were banned for hacking.

I have no opinion on this however since we have to wait for HA to provide any evidence.

Should’ve used boo client :p
Jimmy Bones  Member 18 May 20 at 4:20am
You don't know who banned you or how long you got banned for, nor the Reason?

Try and fill that information out if possible so we can see. (Well for me tho but ehh)
Anti yes  Member 18 May 20 at 4:22am Edited
You've been shooting through multiple layers of bushes, killing invisible maces in the middle of nowhere for the past 2 weeks. I don't have any recordings but other maces probably do
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Poison  VIP 18 May 20 at 4:25am
Banned for obvious hacking, I’ve experienced it myself when you shot me while I’d was cloaked
Tiger  VIP 18 May 20 at 4:51am
Should've used Boo Client™.

Use code "MachineGunMicky" at checkout for 35% off of your subscription.
Bel1ve.  Member 18 May 20 at 5:25am Edited
Pretty sure you know who banned you right? Cause I saw dodgy ban you for hacks and it was quite obvious you were as you shot a cloaked mace and had consistent shots in to 1 angle at people behind leaves and shit like wtf.

-1 funny lol
Dodgy  Head Administrator VIP 18 May 20 at 9:29am

You were banned for hacking and the evidence shows you were.
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