Ban Appeal Jared Follows

Jared Follows  Member 27 Jun 19 at 11:57pm
FULL RP Name(s): Jared  Follows

Discord Username: N/A

Steam IDSTEAM_1:0:102792333

Who banned you? Brigadier General Katarina(STEAM_0:0:86794460)

Date of Ban: 06/27

Ban Length: Perm

Ban Reason: hacking?

Why should you be unbanned? I don't hack

Evidence/Other: Asked for video evidence and wasn't provided any. I do not hack.
Walse  VIP 28 Jun 19 at 12:10am Edited
He does not hack

Red Battalion Colonel / Assassin Walse


MPF M.E.S. MACE 04 3634
Fel  VIP 28 Jun 19 at 12:12am
Totally dont hack, lets talk about how you Traced the guy running in town, you got caught and made it obvious, your bhops werent the issue, you tracing people was.

Stalk  VIP 28 Jun 19 at 12:12am
He does not hack.
Nevada  VIP 28 Jun 19 at 12:15am
He does not hack.
Destitute the :dab:  Chief Executive Officer VIP 28 Jun 19 at 12:15am
Remember Boo? Yeah fuck that guy, his arguments were shit.

This nigga doesn't hack.

Don't worry! The Yakuza 4 of us know what to do!

[Image: doomer.jpg]
[DEFN] Head Janitor  VIP 28 Jun 19 at 12:20am
He doesn't hack

[Image: 2LaaHd6.gif]ex. KILO CmD -  ex. MP Major

"Don't do 100% Silicone, do umm latex"


You probably know me 
Castleson  VIP 28 Jun 19 at 12:25am
he doesn't hack

Also anyone know how to get my aimbot fixed? I tried to use it twill the ESP wall tracing but it won't work
Slade  VIP 28 Jun 19 at 12:59am
My PC is clean of cheats
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