Ban evasion???

Your Berdest Fren  Member 24 Jul 20 at 8:54am
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Who banned you? Idk? I got banned yesterday for 1 day for my second warning of RDM by AlexMagus but idk who just banned me again?

Date of Ban: It says July 23th(???)

Ban Length: Till July 26th

Ban Reason: Ban evasion(??)

Why should you be unbanned? Listen, I know i got banned yesterday for 1 day as my second warning of rdm, but I literally did nothing after, I have no idea why I got banned for ban evasion or what did I do, I was supposed to be unbanned today


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Raven.  Server Administrator VIP 24 Jul 20 at 9:09am Edited
From what I've heard, we have a system in place that automatically bans you for ban evasion if you try to reconnect on the same IP. I don't get why you say it's 3 days, it definitely says "Time left: 1500 minutes", which is a day.
Unless the picture is taken today, instead of yesterday.
If it's taken today, then I don't really know what's going on. It usually either permabans you or does nothing, but it extending the ban isn't something I've seen before

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Your Berdest Fren  Member 24 Jul 20 at 9:36am
I took the picture today, I was banned yesterday for a second warning of RDM and I was supposed to be unbanned today for it
Bel1ve.  VIP 24 Jul 20 at 9:37am
depends when you got banned
AlexMagus  Junior Affairs Counselor Server Moderator 24 Jul 20 at 10:01am

It’s an auto system lol
Endr0  VIP 24 Jul 20 at 10:42am

I'll be honest, the auto ban system is a bit iffy. It does this to anyone who tries to connect on the same IP, even if it's the same computer and account it bans them.
[ICUT]Echos  VIP 24 Jul 20 at 1:59pm

I’ll agree with Endr0

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Dodgy  Head Administrator VIP 25 Jul 20 at 12:15pm
User has been unbanned. The updated ban was given as result of the anti-ban evasion system being far too aggressive.
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