Beowulf's ban app

Dad?  Member 21 Mar 20 at 10:20pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): SU Beowulf

Discord Username: Beo

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:196371028

Who banned you? vexxer

Date of Ban:3/21/20

Ban Length: 1 week

Ban Reason: exploiting

Why should you be unbanned?\
 Well it was my fault and there's no way I could stand here and say that it wasn't my fault because its 100% is. I've should've been paid attention to the rules and not have thought it was a good idea to sit within the Kodiak corpse and kill people because very unfair to the enemy team. It was stupid and ignorant for me to believe it was a good idea at all. 

Evidence/Other: Video
Poison  Certified Gamemaster VIP 21 Mar 20 at 10:30pm
Dad?  Member 22 Mar 20 at 1:19am
Shower  Member 22 Mar 20 at 2:25am
+1 1 week for standing inside of a prop is a lil much
Saladin  VIP 22 Mar 20 at 3:12am
+1 a day ban might be more fitting for this retardery
Bel1ve.  Member 22 Mar 20 at 7:16am
eh nope -1 pretty clear it be exploiting bruh
✪ Kiddo  Member 22 Mar 20 at 9:26am
+1 Maybe like a 2 day max not a week
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